The Child Who Changed The World

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A little Child with a learning disorder. A widowed single mum who won’t give up and a group of high spirited, verbose ladies in a small town salon makes for a heartwarming and yet thought provoking story, based on real life. The story is centered on a little boy Zeldon Zeffer. His real life growing pains and journey to finding himself and beating his disorder inadvertently grew an entire empire which also made history, upset the world’s normal and created a brand new normal for generations to come. It is an incredibly interesting story of how his single mum who’s had her world shifted several times, picked herself up, dusted herself off and pushed forward. His mum was a struggling hip-hop artist, with a unique style of rap. She had the help of a fun loving, down to earth, keep it real group of ladies, ‘girl power’. Their relationship and love for each other was more than close friends, they were like a happy family. They upset their town with controversy, then united the world with a new phenomenon.

A special thank you to Elizabeth Schultz and Authors Lounge for this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself and my book to you. I am a dad to 2 early teenage daughters. My wife is an Educator specialising in English. She didn’t agree to some of my ‘English’ in my book but I insisted on it being more relatable in a ‘manner of speaking’ I published my first book in 2014, based on Perception, it is in line with my field of psychology. There is learning to be taken from the concept of my book which can be applied to everyday life, highlighting an unrecognized medium of educating. This I hope will be caught by every reader and will help people from teenagers to the aged.

Hope you Enjoy!

Marcus DN


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