The Boring Job Project by Anne Novek

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The Boring Job Project is the story of my personal journey to find job satisfaction by doing more outside of work. I wanted to test a theory that job satisfaction came from more than could be found during nine to five. I decided to try different hobbies and interests to see whether looking forward to my time outside of work could make me feel better about my time spent at work.

I found inspiration for my book in a place that I never thought I would: my boring job.

My job was almost perfect; it had great conditions, it paid well, it was close to home, it fit my skillset – and yet, I found it dull. But, I was not in a place to give it up and risk moving around until I found the perfect job – if that even existed! Instead, I looked into what I could change outside of work to help with my satisfaction during the week.

To my horror, I found that I had become boring outside of work too! I lacked any real hobbies and found myself stuck in front of the TV every night after work.

At the same time, I was constantly bombarded with messaging from social media that told me if I loved what I did, I would never work a day in my life – but I was skeptical. I wondered if many people worked, as I did, to get paid well and not because they were intensely passionate about it. The Boring Job Project was even created as a result of finding my interests.

I want The Boring Job Project to reach out to those people who have boring jobs and ‘good enough’ jobs and jobs that pay the bills to sustain you. I want other people to read the book and start their own personal project to find some interests that keep them from feeling like they have become their boring job.

I hope readers know that in those moments when they’re staring at their computer reading the same sentence six times over because they’ve zoned out, they’re not alone. I want people to know that they don’t have to love their job and that they can potentially increase their job satisfaction by finding things that interest them outside of work. Most of all, I want people to know that they don’t have to be their jobs.

The Boring Job Project is a standalone book and I hope that it gives readers inspiration to find their interests outside of work. I also hope that it is relatable and that many people will be able to be comfortable with their boring jobs.

By taking on this personal project, I’ve found that I love writing and have since become an indie author. I’ve connected with a great community on Instagram and other mediums like Author’s Lounge, and found incredible friends. I look forward to hearing other people’s stories and the interests they have found to increase their job satisfaction.

Most of all, I’ve found something that I love to do that is totally different to my day job. It will never replace it, but it gives me peace of mind that I am not just my nine to five.

I’m an indie author living in Sydney, Australia with my husband, daughter and two adorable dogs. When I’m not at my boring job or writing at my desk, I’m probably enjoying a nice cup of tea and watching House Hunters. The Boring Job Project is my first book and won’t be my last. I’m interested in continuing to write non-fiction and to move into fiction in the romantic comedy genre.

Find me on Instagram and Twitter @annenovek or follow my blog for updates.


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