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Through her subliminal conversations with her husband to be, Mikhail Dimitrievitch Prokhorov, Dulkinna has found out that she was the anchor for the Big Thought Reading Machine.   “Does this mean what I think it means?” “Yes, Dulkinna, the machine works with your DNA. You are practically the central nervous system of the machine” “This is why I am so sensitive lately to every word, everybody says on the system”   “Exactly!” She was curious how Mikhail has worked towards fulfilling his destiny, as he puts it every time they talk. She had heard from Michelle Clinton, that Mikhail had built her a “home” near San Petersburg, in his native Rusia. “A palace complete with hundreds of bedrooms for our children that had been conceived in vitro at Hillary Obama’s orders, and raised by the surrogate parents.”

One of those that Mikhail managed to invite to live with him in the palace, was Nadina Taga. She was the natural daughter of Dulkinna with Ioobe. She had a very high IQ, just like her parents, and was in love with her natural father’s passion for computing and in special for the Big Thought Reading Machine. At 21, Nadina showed wonderful potential for becoming the next anchor. To Nadina the machine was not previously denied. She could defend herself from the ineptitudes of various programmers or the sheer hate and envy of the fame seekers.   “How is Nadina?” “I am fine mother, I am awake, you can talk to me directly” “Hi sweetheart, have you thought about the project your dad proposed to you?” “Yes, I decided to make myself the next anchor for the Big Thought Reading Machine, but only after you and dad become over-liminal”. “You are a clever child!” “I want to see that the world respects the rights of the anchor, I want to see them respecting your health, your nervous system, and then, I will put myself out there for them.”

Dulkinna had been ‘attacked’ numerous times, at subliminal level. She had been ‘fattened’ by a jealous first lady, Hillary Obama, and her system had numerous times been under attack from various hackers. Both Dulkinna and Ioobe have requested the system to stop these attacks, warning that the anchor demise, means no system for the people to use, but their cries went in vain. Nadina new by now, what her mother has to put up with. Dulkinna had been fattened almost 100 lbs artificially, and had been given various disease by the fickle and the hateful. “I decided to listen to you and father, but first you should hear Mikhail’s surprise for you, mother!” “We have your network Dulkinna. I have organized the network the way you wanted, based on the perfection of the honeycomb.” “Everybody now knows the truth mother!” Dulkinna had tears in her eyes. She could feel the joy and excitement in her daughter. For a second they had been in complete and direct communication at subliminal level. “Oh, mother, I can feel your warmth, you are pleased!” “Oh God, woman, Oh God, yes, I was with you too, Nadina gave you to me, God it is good to feel your warmth! You have no idea how you make other people feel!”

“Why are you doing that?”    have to protect the anchor! The hackers are   on to you, they could come to attack her through you! You cannot be in direct connection with her at subliminal level any more.” “Through the mesh around me, please use my mesh!” Dulkinna shrieked, afraid of the hackers. “Do not worry madam, this is why you hear us so faintly, we are using the mesh and we are hovering you!” Dulkinna had asked Mikhail to build a strong network and to take notes for a new machine without an anchor, a third generation machine. After building an anchor for herself, Nadina and her brother Alex, would start working on the final version of the machine, that would not use anybody as an anchor any more. But this dream was yet far from being reached.

Dulkinna was worried about her demise at the hands of the hackers or a hater, and leaving her children without defense, in a world full with Goulds. The machine was the only defense against those initiated in the practice of hurting others in order to supposedly become stronger at subliminal level, to better themselves. “We have to show the world that by hurting others, you can only become weaker and weaker, at subliminal level” “People are fickle Dulkinna” ‘They are going to come along if you have indeed built the network, and as they see that you can be stronger and stronger when you put your trust in God” “Madam, please do not talk about God, people do not believe in God like you do!” “Really? And what other way is out there to believe in God?” “Has your God helped you when Hillary Obama decided to fatten you?” “God works in mysterious ways” muttered Dulkinna to herself. “If you think so” “We were Queens of Sheba on Madonna’s network, and we never gained weight. We managed to better ourselves.

You have to kill in order to be able to better yourself. This is nonsense what you tell us with your belief in God!” “Really, how healthy is Madonna? I know she is skinny, but is she in perfect health?” “No, she is not, is she?” shouted Mikhail. “Just remember: you cannot break rank! No matter what happens, do not break rank, maintain the integrity of the network and you will always be able to defend yourselves against the Goulds.” “Is she not a Goauld? How come she is not dead, with all the attacks?” “The anchor has never killed, she repairs herself, is of superior intelligence, knows instinctively how to repair herself, but if attacked incessantly at subliminal level, she will succumb. Do not attack my anchor, or you will feel the curse of the navy, on the system!”

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