The Best Ways to Build Your Author Brand Online

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You had your book published and you created a book blog for it. Now what? Should you just sit and wait for readers to come to you or would you do something to attract readers? The latter is probably a better option than the former; because, sitting and waiting for your prospects to come to you are definitely unrealistic.

Do not settle with the old marketing strategy where you hand out flyers, join book tours, and display banners. Digital marketing is already in the trend today; and, it is one of the best ways to market because most people are undeniably into social media and internet.

Since competition in the market is getting tougher each day, make use of the blossoming digital platform to build your brand online with the use of not just your effort but also your time. That said, here’s some tips on how you can build your author brand online.

Maximize your digital resources

Put in mind that most of your targets have their own social media and online profiles already. What you need are some things that can help you reach their pages with just few clicks. So, maximize your digital resources so that you can raise brand awareness and get to your prospects in no time! These resources are commonly consisting of your computer, gadgets, social media pages, and book blog. Make sure that you allocate some of your time every day to check your pages, as well as come up with strategies for branding. It wouldn’t hurt if you try, what will hurt is when you know you have the means but you didn’t put effort into it.

Show them your authenticity

Originality is a word that holds a heavy meaning and purpose. It is when people have to show their genuineness in this world full of copycats. This greatly applies and helps in building you brand. You see, branding is not something that you can copy and paste. It should be authentic. You should show your prospects who you are in the simplest but impactful way. Do not let them think that you are a copy of something; thus, own who you are and attract a lot of targets by just your brilliant mind and authenticity. In that way, you can raise your brand awareness and gain patrons that will stick with you for long.

Join online groups for authors

The internet is an amazing place for promotion and branding. There are a lot of corners that will allow you to build your own brand and raise awareness. When the real world offers organizations like book clubs, the digital world, on the other hand, also have groups that let you share your stories and promote your brand. In fact, Readersmagnet LLC got this platform that aims to help authors increase their visibility and branding through their forum and other fun features. It is called Authors’ Lounge, where you can get more readers, interact with other authors, and promote your book. Sounds like a win-win for you, right? What are you waiting for? Join Authors’ Lounge now and get a $250 worth of publishing and marketing packages!

Strategize to increase traffic

Since you already have some background on how to build your author brand online, you can proceed to creating multiple strategies. This is helpful in boosting your online visibility, attracting more patrons, and leaving a mark on the lives of your readers. Your strategy must first center on how you can increase your site traffic, meaning how you can make people visit your site. It could be through using SEO keywords, creating well-structured content, making use of social media outlets, joining organizations, and forming marketing campaigns. Constantly updating your site can greatly help in boosting traffic. There are a lot of strategies out there, all you need to do is to put effort on it and conquer the online world!



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