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Wow, Willie (my nickname) you are not old enough to write your name, how can you draw a horse like that? Said my dad. I was a quiet, painfully shy child the youngest of three children growing up in busy crowded L.A. CA. but when I got excited, I would jump up and down and yell, so I often heard “shut up Willie” but I could do art and write stories and be quiet and I did.

One night as I lay in my bunk bed saying my usual evening prayers, my dad came to tuck us in, and he was surprised to find me crying. What is wrong Willie? Oh daddy, I love horses and I want one sooo much. Unbelievable he bought me one on my eighth birthday! By then we lived in beautiful Chico, CA and my more adventurous life began. Now thanks to Authors Lounge I can tell you about.

Now at age eight-five my mind is full of wonderful, exciting memories. “Authors Lounge” gives me a wonderful chance to share them with you. My book “The Adventure of Nagel of Ancient Babylonia” is my first book and even though it is Fictional, Nagel shares my feelings and outlook on life.

Maybe I should have been a boy? I hope to have another book out soon, “The Adventures of Wild Willie”, and of course I will enjoy doing all the illustrations. It will be nonfiction (allowing for some exaggeration of course). I often tell people I have had six dogs, nine horses and three husbands in my life, that gets a laugh but most importantly I have had three wonderful children so that gives me a lot to write about.

Wilma Forester

Wilma Forester

When into a story I leave this world and imagine I am in another private place, completely my own. I love doing that! Thanks again Authors Lounge.


  1. Jennifer

    Is this a children’s book? I’m confused whether I should buy this for myself or for my daughter.

    • Morrison

      It can definitely be for both! I’m sure this will be enjoyable for both you and your daughter.


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