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Welcome to “AUTHOR”S LOUNGE; And a BIG thank you to AUTHORS’ LOUNGE for promoting my book, “The Adventures of George Lee – A Race Against Time.” 

ReadersMagnet - Orville Mann PictureHi, I’m Orville Mann, the author of “The Adventures of George Lee – A Race Against Time.” 

I am the husband of Nena Mann, who became my wife over 59 years ago.  We have two children, 5 grandchildren 5 great-grandchildren.  My hobbies are playing the piano or guitar. I also like to do crossword puzzles in the newspapers.

I truly enjoyed writing this fiction; I suppose George Lee would be considered my want-to-be-self.  I joined the Indiana National Guard in 1957, and was a member for 12 years.  After attending the Indiana Military Academy, I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1965.  I was promoted to First Lieutenant, but felt a call into the Christian ministry.  I resigned my commission and was released in 1969. 

I attended Bible College.  During Bible College days, I worked as a night shift lead man during the school years.  During my senior year I pastored a Friends church there in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

My wife and I, along with our two children, Pamela and Jack moved to Kansas City, Kansas where we pastored the First Wesleyan church.  After pastoring in Kansas for eight years, we moved back to Ohio.  While living in Columbus I pastored with The Churches of Christ in Christian Union smaller churches in Jeffersonville, Ohio and Joan Heights in Columbus. 

After quitting the job as quality assurance manager and resigning my pastorate, I moved to Cheyenne, WY. During that time, I had an enjoyable stay with my Son-in-law and daughter. I pastored a church in Madison, Wisconsin.  After recovering from a minor stroke, I received a call to pastor the Mount Tabor Wesleyan Church near Bedford, KY.  I have pastored this church for the past 26 years. 

The story of “The Adventures of George Lee – A Race Against Time” came about in this manner: I had helped my cousin complete his manuscript for a book entitled, “The Ghost of Chicken Run Road.  After doing so, I realized how much I enjoyed the challenge of writing fiction, so I decided to give it a try on my own.  Thus, “The Adventures of George Lee – A Race Against Time” came into existence. 

The Adventures of George Lee – A Race Against Time” is a story about a career officer, Lieut. George Lee. As a first lieutenant, he received orders to head a team of military soldiers and civilians who work together to design and build a machine that would stop a “super weapon”, which if allowed to use may start a third world war.

While on the Secret Island the teams working on the project, Lieut.  Lee formed a romantic relationship with one of the civilian workers, Laura Krieger. An amazingly short time later, she agreed to become his wife.  It was love at first sight for both of them.

They successfully complete the mechanism which is then attached to a satellite.  George and Laura are flown the watch the launch.  It is used to destroy the weapon while it was first deployed, but before it is fired..

During a belated honeymoon in Hawaii they discover a ring of spies which is discovered and pointed out by a mercenary whom George befriended on the island.  After being captured and later released he became George’s protector.   

George and his friend, 1st Sgt. Harry Collins, were questioning spy suspects when one of them activated a location device.  The spy’s accomplices sent assistance and began an assault upon Farrago’s compound.  After a helicopter landed, George and his friends along with his wife Laura escaped up through the mountain in an elevator designed for that purpose.  Before entering the elevation, however, Amos Farrago turned on sensors which the attackers activated as they opened a door, a series of explosions were set off destroying his compound along with the invaders.

George and Laura returned to the mainland and visited both sets of parents and while horseback riding with his parents, a sniper took a shot at George.

Tense moments and excitement await the reader.

Thanks for reading. –  Orville Mann

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  1. Lydia Dean

    This seems like a very interesting life the author has. I would read a book with his life story.


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