Testimonial of One’s True Greatness by Phillip Berrian

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Book Summary 

 The Lord Himself is continually blessing me right here, as well as right now.

And I have said it once, and will now say it faithfully and once more again.

That without a touching and compelling healing story, one wouldn’t be able to tell others of the Grace, and the goodness of God’s Ultimate and Testimonial Glory.

These stories, and the uplifting messages behind the concept and the meaning of this book, are mostly about overcoming tough challenges, obstacles and giving God all of the well-deserved Glory and the highest praise. That’s because He inhabits the praises of us, His people, and the positive encouraging words of wisdom. We Christian believers do not argue the grade of one’s life as the ending, but look at it as God’s Ultimate Master plan, which is only just the beginning. I say to each and every one of you, just let go and let God have His way because He is totally in control, and let your test always become your testimony.

The Author’s Biography

Poetry to me was a Spiritual Anointed, as well as a God given gift, where I’ve earned the highest honors and respect, such as participating in several poetry online contests, where I received two Editor’s Choice Awards from the International Library Of Poetry from 2005 and 2007. My other poems were acknowledged, and got so much of a buzz from Famous Poets Society, where I had received a few award- winning plaques with official gold seals of excellence from the top head Chiefs and Editors. I was also presented the gold seal certificate of excellence, and another well talked about poem was listed in the Celebrate-Created Communication POETS SPEAK OUT 2007 with a poem titled “A MAN.” I also got a couple of my other poems listed and acknowledged in the weekly Brooklyn College School newspaper that was called The Excelsior. I was also blessed to receive another Editor’s Choice Award which was my third one from World Poetry Movement for Outstanding Contributions to Poetry August of 2011. Moreover, I was featured on two online poetry blog websites which were poetry crazy.com and voices.net where a couple of my written poems have been displayed, and on top of that achievement, I was also presented with the blue honorary ribbon, of every poem that was featured. I was awarded a Certificate of Publication, with a gold seal of Achievements, from another online contest, which was called World Poetry Movement. And recently in April 2012 I received from the National Poetry Month The Great Poets Across America Award Certificate. And I also received an award from World Poetry Movement that was called The Best Poets and Poems of 2012 Award which was another blessing among  my other accomplishments. I also would love to mention that recently I had received a letter from the board committee of Poetry Nation where they have chosen me in 2015 for induction as well as a well-deserved honorary Premier Member of Poetry Nation where I have received a personalized certificate highlighted with an official platinum seal and platinum foil border mounted on a walnut-finished wood plaque, which was awesome and truly a blessing, and I was also blessed to receive from Poetry Nation, aka EBER&WEIN Publishing. In January of 2018, I received a beautiful and shiny glass plate award with my name carved on it, from Poetry Nation, and achieving that accomplishment, was a humbled honor. I forgot to mention whereas I want to mention it right here as well as right now, that I was blessed as well as fortunate enough to receive from Mr. Jerry Royce Live World Wide and the Positive Power 21 staff and crew, the Internet Radio Star Award, which yet again I’m so humbly and thankfully grateful to obtain. https://Biblehurb.com

Phillip Berrian was born on February 10, 1976 in Brooklyn, New York. He currently resides in Valdosta, Georgia. One of nine children, where out of the fruit baskets of apples he went and graduated from Kingsborough Community College and earned his Associates degree in Arts and Sciences. He is an author and poet who has written 26 books. The first to be published is entitled “The Testimonial of One’s True Greatness.” It is available in eBook and hardcover and you can find it on Amazon and through his self-publishing company of  Writers Republic Publishing http://www.writersrepublic.com or wherever online books are sold.

His ambitions and the God given talents that only He Himself could give and bestow, let Phillip clearly say that poetry was a spiritually anointed as well as a God given gift. He’s earned the highest honors and respect, and received two Editor’s Choice Awards from the International Library of Poetry from 2005 and 2007. Other poems were acknowledged and got much buzz from the Famous Poets Society, where he also received award-winning plaques with official gold seals of excellence from the top head Chiefs and Editors. Likewise, Phillip was presented the gold seal certificate of excellence and was listed in the Celebrate-Created Communication POETS SPEAK OUT 2007 with a poem titled “A MAN.”


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