Tell Me Why, Jannie by Annie Mick

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First things first. Thank you to Authors’ Lounge for the opportunity to share a personal accomplishment that is close to my heart and hopefully will touch the hearts of readers as they ride the rollercoaster with Jana Cooper and Colton Kinkaid through their journey of lost love.

Tell Me Why, Jannie” by Annie Mick is the story of two tortured souls separated by means unbeknownst to either of them, leaving each blaming the other. A chance meeting in a train station five years later (inspired by the song “Desert Moon” by Dennis DeYoung) sends them on a journey that leads to more than one shocking discovery, including a quick-witted four-year-old with an obsession for big dogs, and friends you’ll wish were your own. I hope the takeaway from this book is the importance of friendship, loyalty, and love. That, and always check your sources.

My target audience is not as narrow as one might think for a romance/comedy writer. I, Annie Mick, aim for any adult with a heart, as I love to make my readers laugh, maybe shed a tear, and gasp within two consecutive chapters. I always write with two points of view so the reader can hopefully feel an emotional connection with my characters. Having been raised with three sisters and six brothers, it was easy for me to follow gender personalities. Having raised all boys also gives me a good aspect of the male personality in my books as well.

My first three novels: “Run to Me”, “Wicked Lemonade”, and “Find Another Hero” is the “Crew” series. “Tell Me Why, Jannie” initially was a standalone, and still is, but the plan is a follow-up titled “The Fresh French Connection”. It’s in the works right now.

I, Annie Mick, reside in Colorado, very close to the mountains, rising each morning to a beautiful glow on the mountains and retiring each evening to a colorful sunset – the perfect backdrop for writing. Music has always been a motivator for anything I do. There are only so many lyrics you can put in a song; they’re like an unfinished book. My only regret in life is that I waited so long to start writing.

As of right now, my writing is for my enjoyment as well as my willing readers. No enormous plans to become the next Ernest Hemmingway. However, Ernestine Hummingway does have a nice ring to it.

Happy reading,

Annie Mick



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