Strange Things Happen in Life By Jason Lambert

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About the author of “Strange Things Happen in Life”.

Author jason Lamber photoHello to all, and to all I send my wishes for the best.
My name is Jason Lambert, and I am from England, United Kingdom. While I lived in England I did various jobs from farm and stable work and factory work, but a job I enjoyed the most and held for a long time was jockey for flat racing, which I pursued in the United states.

I had a contract in California to continue my work as a jockey in the horse racing industry, but I had to drop that contract due to an accident that all most took my life. A distracted and speeding driver hit me while I was crossing the road. After that accident I was told by doctors that continuing my career as a jockey would be dangerous and inadvisable.

I lost both of my parents, and lived alone in England for a long time. My health was get poor while I was living there, but all that changed when I meet the love of my life. I met her online. She lived half way around the world, in California, United States. We build a connection, and she gave me hope and strength in a dark moment in my life.

My wife saved my life. On one of my visits to the Unites States I arrived in Los Angeles in poor health. The doctors in England said nothing was wrong with me, but my complexion showed differently. The next day after my arrival, my wife took me to the Emergency Room. Where we were told that if I waited any longer the illness I had could have taken my life. I owe my life to her.

In August 2015 we married. It was a small wedding with just the sermon, her and I, and two witnesses. We now reside in California permanently with our beloved pets, one in which is our service dog, and have been happily married for 4 years.

Since I been in the United States, I did a few jobs from woodwork shop, stable jobs at various stables and race tracks. In my spare time I began to pursue writing, writing several books which I would like to publish in the future.

My first book is about a neighborhood that has to come together in a time of need to overcome a infestation of the living dead. My intention with this SIFI story is to remind people that it is good to help one another and work as a team, a community, instead of hating, judging, and working against each other. Which is why I came up with my first book name. Yes “Strange Things Happen in Life”, but with support, and team work, and positiveness anything is possible.

I have a passion for helping others which is why I decided to write a self help, and pay it forward advise after each of my stories in my books. I hope that people who read my books,especially youth read and take to heart the advise I write at the end of each of my stories. And that’s is what I would like my reader to take with them after reading my book. That life could be hard at times, we all go through hardships, but we can overcome most things. I have gone through many hardships in my life, and my wife and I have seen and experienced a lot of hardship in which caused us a lot of trauma, but we tried our best to stay positive and have faith, not just in God, but in ourselves as well. The worst of our hardship has passed us, and we continue to encourage each other, and all should remember to do the same.

Strange Things Happen in Life book cover

POST EXCERPT: This SciFi story is about a neighbourhood that has to work together as a community to overcome an infestation of the living dead. At the end of the story there is a pay it forward, self help short article. I hope with this story and the short article people take away that it is good to be united and work together with others and supportive of others, verses working against each other and spreading hate, and envy. I especially hope that the youth who read the book learn this and apply it to their daily lives. Yes “Strange Things Happen in Life”, but with positiveness and support anything is achievable.


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