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After a book gets published, the next step is to put the book out for the world to discover. Among the many ways to do it is through acquiring effective book marketing services. These greatly help independent authors in distributing press releases, finding the best book review services, participating in world-class book fairs, book signing events, and many more.

In this week’s Straight from the Shelf, discover a page-turning coming-of-age story, Captive Bride, that touches on relevant themes such as violence, tragedy, family, friendship, and love. The book’s author, Marjorie Hersom, believes that it’s worth investing in many publishing and marketing services such as the ReadersMagnet Book Review Service.

Because of that, the book successfully reached out to many readers all over the world and it’s all because her book follows a tale that appeals to readers from different walks of life. Here’s what awaits readers in Marjorie Hersom’s debut novel, Captive Bride.

A Historical Romantic Fiction that Mirrors Her Own Family History

Marjorie Hersom’s Captive Bride follows a young Maria del los Santos y Castro and her extraordinary tale of faith and survival. At a tender age of fifteen, she was thrown into a life where she gets tricked by her aunt and abused by her husband. After the death of her husband, she faces a life where she has to learn how to provide for her children and survive.

As the years go by, she meets and falls in love with Nathaniel Savory. Captivated by Maria’s character, it was not difficult for Nathaniel to fall for the young lady. Their love grows beautifully that they decided to start a new life together. Through Maria’s astonishing journey, this book is meant to be savored as it teaches readers countless lessons such as remaining headstrong through life’s challenges.

Captive Bride is indeed a heartwarming and inspiring fiction story. The story also doubles as a mirror to Marjorie’s family history which aims to honor her Chamorro ancestor and preserve the family’s legacy. Readers will surely experience Maria’s suffering and triumphs as the scenes unfold beautifully on every page.

On Making Her Debut Novel Soar

There’s no question that Marjorie’s masterfully-written debut novel packs a beautiful story worth reading. However, her book’s success did not happen overnight. Through the help of book review services, book fairs, book signings, and many other book marketing services, she gave her novel a chance to reach out to her target audience.

It’s definitely a challenge for independent authors to put their book out for the world to see. Empty Mirror even points out that “when you self-publish, you take on all the responsibilities that a traditional publisher usually would, including marketing the book, soliciting reviews, sending out review copies, and generating buzz.”

However, Marjorie did not give up. Today, her book received a lot of high praises and merits from professional book review services for authors. She even received the Pacific Book Review Star—an award that recognizes books of excellent merit. Because of all the hard work that she put into giving her novel the right publicity that it needs, the awards or recognitions prove that these book marketing services are worth it because they definitely pay off in the long run.


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