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What Is Your Book All About?

Oh No! Not Another Goal-Setting Book helps you understand what you want in the future, be it in a week, month, year, or even 10-years from now. Once you have this idea, it provides you with two tasks and the tools that’ll help you put in the necessary steps to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I’ve noticed that the majority of my clients suffer from self-doubt, fear and imposter syndrome. These emotions stop us from taking action, and not taking action is the number one cause of failure that I’ve witnessed. When you take action and “fail”, you have only found a way that hasn’t worked. Using the process of elimination, you are actually one step closer to success.

This book will help you establish an Abundance Mindset and set (and achieve) goals from a place of happiness.

What Inspired You To Write This Book?

Did you know that more than 92% of people fail their New Years Resolution before the 15th of January every year?

When people hear this fact, they tend to focus on what the 8% are doing to succeed, but knowledge is power. We must look at the 92% and understand why they fail. 

After being asked to deliver a workshop to budding entrepreneurs and how to set goals, I realised that goal-setting wasn’t the only issue. The most significant issue people have is overcoming the question “how?” So I wrote this book and tasks to help motivate people to take action. 

What Is Your Target Audience For The Book?

My book is aimed at people who want to achieve something with their life, be it starting their own business, writing (and publishing) a book, or starting a podcast. Life is too short to be stuck in a place that makes us miserable. 

As a self-published author, I love that the Authors’ Lounge has provided me with the opportunity to connect with many people who may be going through this, and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.

What Do You Hope Readers Will Get From Your Book?

Think about a time where you’ve felt stuck. Let’s say that you have a job and you absolutely hate it. You dread the idea of going into work, and the time whilst you’re there drags. You have been thinking about looking for a new job or starting your own business for a while, but you haven’t bothered because you “don’t have time, and this job pays the bills”.

In this situation, what happens if the company that you work for closes down, and you’re left without that security? You’ll look for a job. Obviously, you do, because you need a job to pay your bills. But reacting now is setting goals from the wrong mindset; you’re setting them from a place of scarcity – because you need to. You’re going to just find something “that will do”.

But if you set goals from a place of abundance, from a place of happiness and joy, you will skyrocket your chances of success. Ask yourself, “Where does happiness fit in?” in regards to the goal-setting process.

That’s what I want my readers to do; I want them to abandon their fear and take action from a place of abundance to achieve their goals.

What Are Your Future Goals/Plans For The Book?

I believe in this book’s concepts, so much so that I started the I’ll Take That Win podcast, where I can delve further into these concepts and help people overcome their barriers. The podcast is available on Spotify and iTunes. 

On top of the podcast, I have developed training, mentoring and coaching programmes to really help people overcome their barriers to success – no matter what success looks like to them. 

About Me

After being a Freelance Copywriter and Business Owner for the last ten years, I have learned that the key to success lies in happiness. I understand how the mind works and why we must realise that our choices must come from the right mindset. 

After helping hundreds of people to achieve their goals, I now want to help even more. I have spent the last ten years growing and learning, and I am now ready to share that with the world.

Buy your copy of Oh No! Not Another Goal-Setting Book in Kindle format and paperback on Amazon now.. 


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