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Vince Blaize imageVince Blaize is an author, teacher and an anointed Bible expositor. He teaches the word with authority, inspiring his audience to rise to the purpose of God in their life.

He earned an M.A degree from Cornerstone University in Clinical Christian Counseling in 2004 and is a licensed clinical pastoral counsel with the National Christian Counselors Association.  He has served and counseled possibly hundreds of members of the church of Jesus Christ.  He was a youth minister for five years at Church of the Abiding Presence in the Bronx, New York.

Vince migrated to the United States from the Commonwealth of Dominica in the summer of 1989. He currently lives with his wife Tania and their two sons, Matthew and Stephen, in the Garden State of New Jersey. Vince can be reached at ‘[email protected] or

My Mission – I believe that attitude or behavior is a response to a conditioned way of thinking or programming. Any preconditioned way of thinking or form of programming can be changed. People have lived the entire lives behaving a certain way because of the way they think. If they see the need to change their behavior, there is a need to change their mindset. My mission is to provide the tools necessary to enable them on a step-by-step process to be successful in their attempt.

If you are anything like I was, you are probably marginalized your future success by the way you think and have accepted the false accusations whispered to you by the way you behave. The only thing you have control over like no one else does is your life.  You decide when, where and how your life enters your future.

Imagine yourself in the next few years being the person you’ve always hoped to be. Working with the company you’ve always wanted, marrying the person you’ve always loved and making the income you deserve and knew you were always capable of but you don’t have to imagine, now is the time to decide your future.

Steps to the father book coverSteps to the Father will help tailor your behavior in breaking the habits of your old self and changing the outline of your thought pattern. This effort requires more than simply human discipline. Biblical stories have been used throughout the ages to help us realize the possibilities of our creativity, to change a situation at will with the help of God and the leading of His Holy Spirit. Each chapter highlights, a separate discipline with step by step instructions to benefit the reader. You’ll learn new ways to cope with old struggles as you develop your faith and trust in God. He will deliver you from your situation and its depression. Steps to the Father will also help you recognize the behavioral insightful pattern and their trigger mechanism leading to unwanted conduct expressions.

The reader is also expected to learn how to overcome setbacks and frustration that may be a result of life’s hard-knocks and misfortune. Learn the true meaning of relationship birth in Christ and extend that privilege to others. Learn to love like Christ wants you to. Discover inspiring insight to replace and repair bad and broken relations.

Know for certain you are a child of the living God not only by feeling, but by knowledge – to know experimentally. Growing into the ultimate awareness – your existence is intended simply and completely to God’s glory. Create or recreate your world and endorse your future success by walking with God in Steps to the Father. Discover your hidden potential buried in treasure fossils of the soul like I did and make a difference for yourself and for your God. To enter the promised enjoyment of a future life’s goal is to accept and embrace the effort required for its present journey.


  1. Miya

    I’m in awe reading this book. An overwhelming narrative about a father and his extraordinary life. I recommend it to someone who wants to touch their heart with a book.

  2. Hummer

    I agree. This book has relatively become special to my heart.


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