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When ReadersMagnet invited me to write an article on their blog, I was pleased to use this opportunity to share more about my book entitled Sovereign: A Journey To Peace. Writing this book was indeed a journey for me. I started it twenty-five years ago. At that time, I was reading lots of romance novels and other fiction. I felt like I could probably write a book similar to the ones that I was paying money for every week. After work I would write every evening and proof read it the next day and have a friend read it and make suggestions. She was very helpful and a very good critic.

The writing and rewriting went fairly quickly and the ideas flowed easily.  However, when I Felt the book was ready to submit to publishers, all the Christian publishers to whom I sent excerpts were not accepting new authors.  After many tries and many rejections, I decided to put my book on the shelf literally. At the time I was writing, I was using a computer with a floppy drive. I did decide to print out a copy and put it in a loose-leaf notebook which turned out to be very helpful. When I decided to try self-publishing, I had moved a couple of times and lost my floppy discs.  But since I had a paper copy, I at least had manuscript to go by. So, I worked for many weeks to transcribe the book from paper to digital copy.  When I completed, I started the process of editing and re-editing and submitted it to my publisher.    

I found that revisiting this book was a delightful journey for me. It not only helped me improve my writing, but it helped me enhance my organization skills and I found that I fell in love with the characters of this book. Not only did I enjoy refining and polishing the characters Aaron and Melissa and their friends, but it became a very healing process for me. I was having some serious health issues at the time and this book helped to me move through that period in a healthy way. I am grateful to Readers Magnet to post this blog and gain exposure for my first novel. In developing this story about many wonderful people and their relationships with each other I learned more than ever how important friendships are in my life. The town of Sovereign is a small rural town in Iowa. Melissa soon finds after moving to Sovereign that people quickly find out about her and her activities. Some of these people become important friends in her daily life.

They advise her and help her and guide her through her journey. Although she knows about God from visiting with her grandmother and she remembers the emphasis her grandmother placed on prayer, Melissa has never actively developed a relationship with Jesus or learned how to pray. She remembers the prayers her grandmother would say with her as a child and she started with those and through attending church and making friends with Christian neighbors, she came to know Jesus as her personal savior. I loved the friendships and the romance that developed in this story, but I am most pleased with the scripture and the examples given of accepting Jesus as a personal savior.

To me this is the purpose of this book. My hope is that anyone who reads it will seek a relationship with Jesus .  I hope when you read this book, you will not only be entertained but find it hard to put down. Melissa’s journey Through a life of loneliness and failed relationships, grief of losing her grandmother, the adventure of moving from Chicago to rural Iowa where she finds people who find her likable and take great interest in her life. She learns from each person she meets something that makes her a more assertive, confident and capable person in business and in friendship. She overcomes some of the fears and misgivings of her past and is able to move forward into a life of love she had only dreamed of before.  

Again, I want to thank readers magnet for this platform to showcase my book to an audience of readers, authors, and publishers. Sovereign: A Journey to Peace can be purchased at or at my website,


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