Soul Therapy, A Game of Intuition by Jean Quintana

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Is it a game? Is it a book? YES! It’s a book about a game. It’s a very simple game which provides the reader with a beginning avenue of personal inquiry, among the many roads available to us to choose from, which may help to definitively answer your quest for purpose, understanding and direction in your life. It’s just a game… or is it?

That being said, I challenge you to play the game on a regular basis and track your progress using a journal. I guarantee that playing the game of intuition will absolutely enhance your intuitive abilities on some level. Wanting to share this game with as many people as possible, both the young and the adept, I chose not to be too technical in the writing of it or to present copious pages of scientific proof for anything in my book. It’s simple enough for you, the reader, to research anyone of the topics presented. In fact I hope you are compelled to do so.

We are living in a time, while on the one hand it seems as though we are surrounded by so much turmoil and suffering, as many people are waking up to find themselves in a strange dimension, looking for answers, trying to catch up and understand exactly what is taking place, on the other hand we are all on one level or another just beginning to see the light. Recently I found a couple new affirmations which for me explain everything in a nut shell, what I believe so many people are beginning to understand; “Awareness is aware of being aware.” and “We are the ones’ we have been waiting for”.

Soul Therapy, I will repeat, is a very simple game played with only 12 cards, which are included in the book. It is based on the premise that everyone is inherently intuitive and that anyone with a bit of determination and a little practice can in fact enhance those abilities. There are, after all, other games which help you to improve your memory, math skills, vocabulary and even your vision so why not your intuition. I’ll admit that some of the information in my book is logical and probably makes sense to most people and some of what you read will hopefully cause you to contemplate.

You could dispute some of the information because it challenges your belief system in some way and that’s ok too. While playing the game of intuition, keep in mind that you are not just playing a game, working to enhance your intuitive ability or learning whether you are more adept at sending or receiving information. You are also strengthening your connection with your higher SELF, your sub-conscious mind and those around you. You are also working with your chakras, awakening your feelings, energizing those centers in the body and learning to understand the implications of your own wonderful bio-chemical electromagnetic spiritual being.

Jean Quintana author of Soul Therapy, A Game of Intuition

Whew! What a mouthful; bio-chemical, (that would be the body), electromagnetic, (that would be the mind), spiritual being, (that would be your spirit). Is that what or who we are? The simple answer is yes, we are all of that and so much more. You, your-self and each and every one of us are truly the only undiscovered country. (LOL) I invite you to play the game often and learn to embrace that part of your-Self that is spontaneously instinctive, perceptive and insightful, that part of you which is connected to your soul, your frame of mind, courage and character.

Soul Therapy, A Game of Intuition promises to help you to help yourself. It’s only a game…. Or is it?


  1. Melissa

    Been doing journaling from this book and it’s indeed very therapeutic.

    • Rizza

      I’m thinking of starting journaling as well with this book.


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