Self Love Breakthrough To A New You! By Dr. Rhonda F. Smith

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Featured Article | 2 comments

 I know how painful it is

One moment you think you’re living the life of your dreams, you have fallen in love. You have finally found the one you can enjoy your dream life with. Your life is going so well you’re having so much fun and this is all you hoped for. They seem to know exactly how to make you feel loved, and how to fulfill your every need. You have arrived you have finally found your soul mate.

Life is wonderful. Everything is perfect! But then the unthinkable happens. The person who once seemed to adore you begins to change. He or she is annoyed, unhappy and starts saying and doing things that make you feel uneasy, criticized, anxious and confused.

Does this sound familiar?

I know exactly how hard it is to except that the love of your life is now maliciously deceiving, abusing, controlling and deliberately hurting you. Your heart feels like it’s going to bust wide open because it’s so painful.

How did this happen?

My Divine Core Transformation program tells you exactly how this silent epidemic is spreading throughout the world. Let’s stop sweeping our shame under the rug and become Warriors for God. We have to be courageous and strong. We have to take off our masks so we can heal for real!

We must recognize the

Love Trap!!

A pathological narcissist is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He or she can appear to be the nicest person in the world and do things for you that would seem to say “ I really care about you” but then you begin to feel your energy is being drained, you are feeling confused, you are doubting yourself and feeling very frustrated.

On the outside of the narcissist can look like an angel but truly there is a demon within. He/she is the kind of demon that steals your light and leaves you in the dark – wondering what just happened?

Don’t let the kindness fool you. It isn’t true kindness. It doesn’t come from a caring heart. They are empty souls with a hole. What you need to fully understand is the narcissist has a big void within. It is a big dark pit of emptiness that they cloaks behind a disguise of happy go lucky, good guy. The frightening thing about this is the narcissist is really unhappy and afraid. They have attachment trauma as well. There are different types of narcissists. There are three stages you must know about. More on this in my upcoming newsletters.

Remember anyone who stays hooked into a narcissist does begin to die. The desire for the illusion of love to be real is so strong that one will stay for ever hooked into that illusions until she/he completely loses themselves, commits suicide or creates an illness in their body.

You dangle until you die!!!


  1. Melissa

    I have been through so much in life and her work just comforted me.

  2. faye

    Oh yes! Dr. Rhonda Smith perfectly explained how we can get through life’s tragedies


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