Sacrifice by S.A. Santos

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A huge thanks to the Authors’ Lounge for allowing me to talk about my book and bring it closer to the readers.

I’ve always been an avid reader myself. I have about 1000 eBooks on my Kindle – the majority of them are romance and paranormal romance novels. 

For me, reading is a way to escape from everyday problems, travel to other places, live other lives. 

Due to my former job, I spent countless hours on airport lobbies and airplanes, and I always liked to observe people and wonder what their lives were like, what their goals were, their frustrations, and created stories in my mind.

About five years ago I felt this urge to put those stories into paper. 

That’s how Sacrifice came to be. 

I wanted to write a romance novel with all the elements of the romance genre but also add to it different flavors that may not be present in your run of the mill romance books.

The story starts with a mystery. The protagonist Kat finds herself locked up in a hospital against her will and with no memory of how and why she ended up there. 

Jason is the one who comes to her aid. He knows Kat since when he was a problematic teenage boy, and it’s been years since he last saw her. 

When they meet again under dire circumstances, their attraction, fears, and insecurities ignite until they burst into a white-hot passion.

To my surprise, I had more fun writing than reading. That was a revelation to me. 

Writing for me is a liberating experience. It allows me to create and live in another world. It’s also powerful to think I can control the destiny of all characters. But in the end, it’s the other way around. The characters talk to me and tell me their story.

Sacrifice was originally released in English and now I just got it translated into Portuguese, so I’m promoting the book on both markets and the readers’ response has been amazing. I’m truly humbled and grateful.

After I released Sacrifice, I started a new project that is a paranormal romance trilogy: “Through another dimension”. I’m writing book 1 of the series and drafting books 2 and 3. 

The idea for the book seeped into my mind one night when I went to bed and was almost asleep. The scene so vivid and in a nerve-wracking action full of details that got me on my feet instantly and I was writing it down in the next breath.

The main characters of the trilogy “Through another dimension” are strong heroines, and their fates are intertwined. They are all facing some difficulties in life and, throughout the story, they discover strengths and powers they didn’t know they have. The story is about finding your soulmate. Each heroine finds the soul mate that will challenge and complete her. But it is also a journey of self-discovering.

When the pandemic hit, I had trouble concentrating, and writing a simple sentence took enormous effort. To try to ease my mind I started learning photography and put my writing project on the back burner.

I’m spending the quarantine at my mother’s house to help her, so she doesn’t have to leave the house to go shopping, etc. We both love to cook and seeing all the recipes from my grandmothers’ cookbooks, most of them since I was a kid, I had an idea to compile them in an eBook to honor their memory.

We prepared one recipe per week, I photographed the step-by-step process and the finished dishes and in December 2020 we released “Flavors of my childhood”.  It was so fun and emotional to travel back in time that we are now working on a sequel with more tasty recipes.

I’m also back on track with writing my paranormal romance and hope to release Book 1 – Into my soulmate’s arms – in July 2021.

My romance novel “SACRIFICE” is available on Amazon:

My author website is

And you can follow me on Twitter: @SasantosAuthor 


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