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Author and speaker Ruler Roberts Jr.

Author and speaker Ruler Roberts Jr. founder of Grace Initiative (gifted resources at Christian excellence). Its Mission platform is built on Ephesian chapter 4 verse 7.” But to each one of us is given the measure of Grace according to Christ gift. This ministry of Excellence is the work of the spirit of Christ through the gift of the word of knowledge and revelation. It is reveal in his speaking and his books. His latest “Shutdown is the fruit of a spiritual breakdown and the one that follows, Parables for Christ, to reveal the mystery of the Kingdom of God in this life.

About the book

The shutdown was revealed on Wednesday November 28th 2018, I released a message. It’s titled the 7th day week have determined to make an end of sin. 1 month before the government shutdown happen.

From Genesis to Revelation the seventh day are used in the perpetual judgment in the times of man. In the Old Testament, you have atonement or condemnment on a natural level. In the New Testament you have sanctification or condemnation on a spiritual level.

And on December 21st 2018 the 70th year of Israel’s rebirth America the extended branch of Israel got Shutdown the fruit of a spiritual breakdown. The Fig Tree once again had become Barren and rotten. This prophetic Act of judgement on America what you are now seeing in America, the coronavirus shutdown.

The coronavirus is not just a pandemic but a Divine judgement that is apocalyptic. Which leads us to the prophetic events that follows. In my next book it is title Parables for Christ to reveal the mystery of the Kingdom in this life. Like the 7th day, God use The Parables from Genesis to Revelation to reveal his will in the Earth. Because of the urgency of the times are perilous. The Parables that is now being reveal sit in the highest seat in the land. The president a false prophet for financial profit. Is a chapter in the book of parables.

Numbers 25 verse 9 Moses said because of Balaam counsel 24,000 died in the plague and because of President Trump’s Council which has been reveal in a book on September 6th, his counsel has caused thousands to die from the Coronavirus plague. I wrote about this events months ago. They are both Parables for Christ to reveal the false prophet in this life.

Everyone is not able to see The Parables. Jesus said in Mark 4 verse 12 that seeing they may see, and not perceive. And hearing they may hear, and not understand least at any time they should be converted and their sins should be forgiven them. Isaiah said in chapter 46 vs 10; declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure.

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