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Before you hear my story as a children’s author, and why I think reading a bedtime story is so special, I just wanted to say a big thanks to Authors’ Lounge for this opportunity.

My first job was with a PR company when I was 16, living and working in Sussex, UK.

Richard Shore - children's author
Richard Shore – children’s author

Since then, I’ve been involved in various marketing positions. And in that time as you can imagine, I’ve planned, prepared and written all sorts of commercial copy for clients.

But it wasn’t until 2009 that I started to think about writing fiction.

During that year, I moved with my wife and two young children to Co. Waterford, Ireland, to enjoy the great lifestyle the country offers.

And one day I had a great idea – to write personal bedtime stories for each of my children.
At this point, I had always looked forward to reading my children a bedtime story – and they of course loved it too. It’s a special time – it makes them happy and a perfect end to a day.
So I wrote two, short adventure series. For my daughter – Hurrahtum Adventures! It features Lucy, a girl living by the sea, who has amazing adventures when she says a magic word – “Hurrahtum!” 
The word magically makes a cove and boat appear, which she has many exciting adventures with. They range from helping a surfer in trouble, creating a birthday present for a friend, and returning a lost seal to its family. 

Hurrahtum Adventures! by Richard Shore
Hurrahtum Adventures! by Richard Shore

My son’s series is Will’s Wild Adventures. It’s based on a boy who lives in an amazing wilderness – surrounded by a crystal clear flowing river, tall forest, and snow-capped mountains. And when he’s on an adventure, he can get help from a special shed, with every tool you can think of.
So far, Will has helped a beaver family in trouble after a storm, discovers a dinosaur after an earthquake, and solves a mystery at a mine. His latest book sees him discover a mystery, flying object and gets a surprise that takes his breath away.
Once I’d developed the books, I printed out the pages, hand drew illustrations to bring the books to life, and then created a cover and bound them. My children now have the books carefully tucked away in their bedside cabinets.
They both loved them and I also received positive reviews. So I decided to publish as eBooks, to be available online through e-readers.

Inspiration for both series comes from as passion for being outside. Whether it’s walking on the beach, rock-pooling, wildlife, woodland walks, survival techniques, or a great love I have – surfing. 

Will's Wild Adventures by Richard Shore
Will’s Wild Adventures by Richard Shore

My latest book in the Hurrahtum Adventures! series takes the ocean theme further – and helps a charity too.

It’s called The Tangled Tuna where Lucy rescues tuna caught in a discarded fishing net.

The book highlights ocean plastic pollution and ghost fishing. This is caused by ghost gear – lost and abandoned fishing gear from the commercial fishing industry that remains in the ocean, continuing to catch fish and other animals.

Hurrahtum Adventures! The Tangled Tuna
Hurrahtum Adventures! The Tangled Tuna

Ghost gear can remain in the oceans for hundreds of years, before breaking down into microplastics. Approximately 640,000 tonnes enter the world’s oceans every year.

I’m delighted to say that I’m proudly supporting Ocean Generation with the book – a non-profit organisation that has a mission to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation.

For every The Tangled Tuna sold, I’ll donate 50 per cent profits to the charity.
Hopefully with this book, it will highlight what’s happening in our world’s oceans, and inspire people to do what they can.
The eBook is vibrantly illustrated and is available to purchase worldwide, priced at £4.99 (or country equivalent).

Aimed at 3 – 7 year olds, all my books are ideal for those who love a heart-warming, adventurous bedtime story. Because they are a series, young children embrace the characters, and quickly relish how Lucy or Will tackles their next adventure. 

My future plans include adding more adventures from Will and Lucy. I am also considering releasing four books into an ‘adventure collection’ – a real bumper bedtime read!

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