Recipe Books with Heartwarming Backstories

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Food and stories are two things we traditionally share and pass on from generation to generation.

Like Eleanor Gaccetta’s recipes and heartfelt stories in her book Generations of Good Food, we celebrate books that feature tasty recipes and remarkable stories.

Generations of Good Food

If you want a recipe book rich in heartwarming backstories, Generations of Good Food by Eleanor Gaccetta is worth checking out. Gaccetta’s recipes and heartfelt stories cover six generations and feature a wealth of delicious family recipes and memories of Italian life that brought families together around the table. With over 200 recipes ranging from main dishes to homemade desserts, Generations of Good Food is for every food lover, whether you are just learning to cook or a seasoned chef. The book is both a cookbook and a collection of heartwarming family stories that give readers a glimpse of Italian and American culture.

At My Grandmother’s Table

At My Grandmother’s Table: Heartwarming Stories and Cherished Recipes from the South is the complete title of Faye Porter’s recipe cookbook that features sweet family memories created around Grandmother’s table. Porter’s excellent collection of family dishes is also a tribute to the Southern grandmothers known for their skills in preparing fresh vegetables and meat and for hosting folks in their homes. Although half of the book feature desserts, At My Grandmother’s Table contains classic savory meal recipes that readers can replicate and enjoy. From “Yesterday’s Grit for Breakfast” to “Granddaddy’s Favorite Casserole,” this book is all celebrating family time.

The Last Word on Lefse:

Exactly twenty years since it was first published, Gary Legwold’s classic cookbook The Last Word on Lefse remains relevant today. It is among the finest heritage-and-humor book, the traditional soft Norwegian flatbread and its small-town makers. Some of the heartwarming stories readers will encounter when reading the book include the boys of Starbuck, who made the largest Lefse on the shores of Lake Minnewaska, and the journey of Carl Knutson. He wrote ballads about lefse while selling them out of the back of his ’47 Chevy truck. Legwold also pays homage to Bitten and Torbjorn Norvoll. The couple is famous for sharing stories of how Lefse helped feed people in occupied Norway during World War II.

A Recipe for Romance

A young woman who prepares Potato Salad as a testament to her enduring love for her long-lost miner lover, a mother finding a way to reconnect with her husband over Chicken potpie, and a bank teller wooing her coworker with Tomato Basil Soup are just among the 22 inspirational stories and recipes compiled in a single book A Recipe for Romance. Each of the 22 authors shares their favorite recipe and a story related to the dish. The authors of the book are Lenora Worth, Debra Ullrick, Janet Tronstad, Carolyne Aarsen, Dana Corbit, Lyn Cote, Debby Giusti, Winnie Griggs, Arlene James, Deb Kastner, Renee Ryan, Danica Favorite, Gail Gaymer Martin, Jill Kemerer, Jolene Navarro, Marta Perry, Terri Reed, Sherri Shackelford, Cami Tang, Missy Tippens, Pamela Tracy, and Cheryl Wyatt.

Happiness is Homemade, Y’all!

Food is happiness, and Danna Standridge’s full-color recipe book takes readers to the heart of Alabama cuisine and the unforgettable stories that are part of their heritage. Standridge’s family has resided in Alabama since the start of the 19th century, and the stories and recipes she shares in her book are passed down from one generation to the next. These heartwarming stories include Sunday dinners at the children’s table, soldiers coming home from the war, and even the hard times the people have endured. Discover tasty treats such as the yummy chicken pie, sausage gravy, dumpling recipes, and a dozen of homemade desserts. Happiness is Homemade, Y’all! is one funny and delightful read for everyone who loves to cook, eat, and celebrate history.


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