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With amazing print advertising packages available, many authors have enjoyed the opportunity to share their stories to the world.

For the month of December, ReadersMagnet has successfully helped authors with their book marketing strategies by sharing these ads to Publishers Weekly, a premier weekly news magazine dedicated to the book publishing world.

Here are a few of our authors featured in Publishers Weekly for the month of December.

Giving a Glimpse of their Books in Publishers Weekly

First, children’s book author Keith Corman was able to share a full-page ad during the December 17th issue for his exciting adventure tale titled “Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad.” This book brings young readers on a quick trip to the railroad as its main characters, Kenny and Katie, was given a tour with their father. At every turn of the page, the young ones will get to see how the railroad works and operates.

Other than that, the story sheds light on their role and importance as well as promoting safety consciousness. This way, people will be able to avoid anything that might put them in danger around them. All in all, it’s an exciting adventure that also serves as a teaching opportunity for the young and young at heart.

Next up, Ralph Mosgrove showed audiences a celebration of excellence when his own full-page ad appeared during the December 24th issue of Publishers Weekly. He gave the audience a glimpse of his expertise, his work, the book fairs he participated in, and his official website. This way, readers will have the opportunity to connect with him online thanks to the flexibility of print advertising.

Most of all, he shared his book, “Saying Thank You and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough?”. This book allows readers to discover the greatness and power of gratitude that goes beyond saying the words “Thank You.” Mosgrove wonderfully shares his experiences in his book as a way to prove that kindness from anyone goes a long way. It aims to empower readers to make small and big changes in each of their lives.

There’s still a long way to go for this growing enterprise as well as for every independent author who chose to put their trust in the company. However, these authors alone will show each one that there’s definitely a potential for more growth in the future. That said, everyone is nothing but hopeful for what’s to come.

Looking Forward to the Future!

December is definitely a good month for ReadersMagnet. After reaching many milestones, and welcoming newly published authors, everyone surely sees this as a great way to end the year. That said, this young and growing author services company is surely ready for more in the year ahead.

If you’re looking for great book marketing options for your book such as print advertising, you’ll surely find a lot of opportunities with ReadersMagnet Print Advertising services, Dynamic Website, Online Brand Publicity, and so much more. Rest assured, you’ll surely find a trustworthy partner with this dedicated and hardworking self-publishing house. Start your journey today!


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