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Fry’s book is about being the best volunteer God wants you to be by being faithful, a servant, and helping others.

Many people have a calling in this world to do something, whether being a parent for a child or becoming a servant for the Lord. This calling gives someone a reason to live and something more than just themselves to live for. These reasons can be in a spiritual or personal calling for all aspects of life, one’s duty in life, or a representative of God. The term Vocation can define all these aspects of living. The vocation of too many people can mean different things. Many people feel that vocation is an extraordinary calling from God that tells them a specific turning point in their life to begin a new journey in a religious form. 

This book is a collection of the author’s analysis of volunteering, which is about the influence of a volunteer like Jamie. It came to completion when Jamie had glimpsed where she had volunteered and had some problems that needed to be handled. This book is impressive because it discusses why volunteering matters to everyone.

Jamie underscores the vitality of volunteers in the many communities that they serve. “A volunteer is important. They do a lot. They’re needed,” she said.

According to Jamie Pulos-Fry, “Servant’s Heart From The Voice Of A Volunteer” is a spiritual book about church volunteering. Being the outstanding volunteer that God would like you to be, being faithful, being a servant, helping others, being willing to learn something new, working with younger and older people, showing no favoritism, never being afraid to ask questions, and learning when to say no. 

Why write a biblically-inspired guide on volunteering when leading a would-be volunteer to a community center and orienting them would suffice? In the foreword of this book, according to the author, “This book came to fruition because I had noticed that where I volunteer, we had some issues that need to be addressed. I had not seen or read a book about Christian volunteering in the environment or anywhere.”

She started researching it, and this book is the result of that research from a faithful volunteer. In an interview, she added: “I wanted to influence other people to see that volunteers are important and they’re needed out there.”

Jamie acknowledged that most volunteers tend to do many things at once, drawing from her experiences volunteering at her church and college. “We’re always doing more than one thing, and we need more volunteers,” she said.

The book Servants Heart: From the voice of a volunteer was last exhibited by the self-publishing and book marketing company Readers Magnet at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition, held at the Walter Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Author Bio

Jamie Pulos-Fry is a faithful member of the Lancaster Baptist Church Lancaster in California. She likes to serve and volunteer in different areas of the church. She does in the bookstore and coffee shop for West Coast Baptist College and sings in the choir at the church. Plus, she was a captain of a ladies’ bus for five years.

This is her second book. The first is “Encouraging A Friend With Our Trials,” and the third is “A Widow’s Cry,” a helpful tool for widow ministries. She hopes that “Servants Heart” will be a great help in future volunteering choices in your life. Further, one can conclude that God intended his people to live lives with the hearts of servants. If a person lives with a servant’s heart, he is a servant. According to Webster’s Online Dictionary, a servant is “one that performs duties about the home or person of a master or personal employer.”


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