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Proverbs 1 – “God is Wisdom” (vs 1:2-33) Can you hear “wisdom” calling? She’s calling loud in the streets! She’s raising her voice in the market place! “Can you hear her? At the head of noisy streets, she cries out! Even in the gateway (entrance to our cities), she’s making a speech! “Can you hear her?” Listen! let the wise listen and add to your learning and let the discerning get guidance!

Declare (Pray): Father, I know my child(ren) hated knowledge and did not choose to fear you. I know that they would not accept my advice and despised my rebuke. I know that they will eat the fruit of their ways and will experience the consequences of it. So let’s decree & declare! Decree (Pray): Father, You said that whoever listens to you, will live in safety and be at ease without fear of harm.

I decree “wisdom” is calling my children. They will listen to her voice as she calls out to them. While they are in the streets, I thank you Father that the Blood of Jesus covers them. When wisdom comes, my child(ren) will hear and pride will not stop them from listening! Amen!!

This is a daily devotional teaching single parents how to pray for their children. It can be used as a daily study with other mothers, finding any of the 9 words in that chapter for the day and discussing it. There are reference scriptures to add to your prayer.

Pray from the posture of victory! Remind God of His Word spoken over your children. You can find God in every chapter. Look for Him!

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  1. Emily

    As a single mom myself, this book has helped me overcome problems with raising my son.

    • rebecca

      Coming from the same community, it does empower us single moms out there.


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