Praline Dreams by Annette Miller

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Mermaid Daria Drake and her father Eldon have a summer job away from their undersea restaurant in the mer city of Tor. They run the Praline Dreams ice cream shop on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. As the Labor Day weekend approaches, Daria finds herself being hassled more and more by a trio of thugs. As this is happening one morning, a handsome stranger comes in and kicks the trio out. He’s on vacation in Atlantic City, specifically to try different foods. Today, he wants to sample ice cream.

When Zale Monroe walks into the Praline Dreams ice cream shop on the boardwalk, he didn’t expect to find such a beautiful girl being harassed by three men. As captain of the guard in the mer city of Tor, his police instincts kick in and knows this trio is trouble. When Daria finds out he’s never tried ice cream, he almost slips and tells her why. However, revealing his true self to a human would never do.

As Daria and Zale grow closer, the men make more and more trouble for Daria and her father. The last straw for Zale is when they take their actions too far.

The inspiration for this book came to me all at once. My publisher put out a call for a quick, easy beach read featuring ice cream. As a paranormal romance writer, I knew I wanted a fantasy element. My family and I also lived in NJ for sixteen years and we loved it there. The Atlantic City boardwalk seemed the perfect setting for my story. There are so many different shops and restaurants there. I wanted to feature all the different food smells mingling with the salty ocean breeze.

There’s nothing like walking down the boardwalk in the summer and seeing all the families on the beach or shopping and hearing the clanging of slot machines or video games. There’s such a great variety of people there, I knew a mermaid would fit in just fine. Of course, if you have a beautiful mermaid, you have to have an equally handsome merman to capture her heart.

This book was so easy for me to write. I wrote the rough draft in a week and took only another week to polish it. I could picture in my mind the gray-green of the ocean. I could smell the brine in the air. I could see the tourists in the rolling chairs on the boardwalk. I had to put a baseball game in there, too. We’d been to Sandcastle Stadium and it’s a nice venue.

My target audience for this book is for women of all ages. Anyone who likes to have a short, sweet romance to read while lying on the beach or lounging beside the pool. I want to reach anyone who loves all things fantasy or paranormal. We have enough reality every day. I love to write books that give people a happily ever after.

I hope people take away from my book an appreciation of seaside resort towns and the people who work there. I also hope I gave them a little bit of an escape from stress for a little bit. I’d like them to look at the world with different eyes. And I want to give them the hope of their own happily ever after.

My future goals and plans for this book is to try and get it to as many people as possible. I’ve entered it in several contests and it placed first in the short paranormal category of the International Digital Awards. I’d like to have it featured around South Jersey, since that’s where it takes place and tries to put a better light on Atlantic City.

I grew up in Baltimore and got married a year out of high school. I never went to college so I don’t have any fancy degrees. I’m a former retail zombie and I had fun in most of the jobs I held. My husband is a retired, disabled Air Force veteran. I’m his full time care giver as well as being a full time writer. We’ve been married for almost 40 years and have two of the most awesome boys on the planet. They’re all very supportive of my writing.

I attend as many conventions and conferences as I can. I enjoy meeting and talking to readers. I love hearing about what they thought of my books, the good and the bad. If different people mention the same thing, I know it’s an area I need to fix.

I’m a pro wrestling fan, a horror movie and book fan, and wrote for a minor league hockey team newsletter in Biloxi, MS for a bit. I’ve seen a lot of America but there’s still more out there. And perhaps, more stories, too.

I would like to thank the Author’s Lounge for inviting me write this article and bring my book to all of you. This is an exciting opportunity and I’m happy to share my thoughts with the readers.

You can find this book and my others on my Amazon author page.


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