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My recently published poetry book, The Ocher of Abundance, Poems-volume 16, is the third published poetry book in my Traduka Wisdom Poetry Series®. The compilation of poetry volumes was written and created for the purpose of taking the reader on a journey of the soul to inspire, mend, comfort and ignite one’s own self-discovery, self-realization, and transformation. While I have been writing poetry since I was about 8 years old, I took a roughly 20-year hiatus from writing poetry. In 2001 (at the age of 37) while on a spiritual journey to Scotland and England the poetry literally started to pour out from me again. I wrote 18 volumes of poetry in about 8 years.

All my poetry speaks of transformation, the dark night of the soul, forgiveness, universal consciousness, and dives into depths of the collective consciousness of humanity and the outer reaches of timeless mystic wisdom. This is why I refer to my poetry as modern mystical poetry. Specifically, The Ocher of Abundance reflects deeply on both the hidden and revealed relationship of nature, the cosmos, humanity and the healing of archetypes both esoteric and known in the individual and collective psyche. In our fast-paced modern reality, there is a renewed awareness of our oneness with all humanity, nature, and the cosmos. The Ocher of Abundance speaks about addiction in the world which includes addiction to the ego, hierarchy, judgment and labels.

The Ocher of Abundance is a journey into the reconciliation of self-blame and judgment. When blame and self-judgment are transformed, healed, and cease to be, one has reawakened without the myth, “the mythos,” of separation from Source. One comes to understand that Universal consciousness or “all that is” is within the self. This true self-reunion is a remembering and reawakening that reveals itself with uncomplicated Universal Truths.

My inspiration always comes from witnessing and being in life as a modern mystic and healer. My poems speak about Universal Truth and the chasms to this Truth that have existed historically in our reality. While humanity has a renewed awakening to compassion, self-compassion, and generosity in the forms of gratitude and kindness, as individuals we must heal and reconcile with self-blame and judgement. My poetry speaks to this and brings forth healing within the reader. Readers find the poetry to be like a form of meditation, a place for profound self-reflection and healing, and well as receiving timeless wisdom, images and phrases.

The Ocher of Abundance is for anyone going through a crisis of faith, anxiety, grief, loss, distress, spiritual awakening, dark night of the soul, as well as those experiencing creative blocks and depression or those wanting greater insight into their Self. The Ocher of Abundance will guide each reader through the topography, geology and geography of their self and soul so one may remember that it is one-by-one as we heal and come into unity and oneness that we may then impart compassion together as an increasingly larger unified frequency. It is through self-compassion that we connect to the Cosmic Consciousness and then, without effort, may emanate forgiveness and love so that others, too, may remember the union of the self and “all that is”, or the universal consciousness, resides within all. It is not outside of us; we all have the inner Truth within us.

I am sharing a book review about The Ocher of Abundance as it sums up a reader’s reinforcement of my book description. “Poetic Rhapsody. Love this book! The writing is stellar! I could “feel” the words come alive! Wendy’s writing is pure and full of clarity. Her poetry speaks to your soul, it’s a book that I find myself going back to again and again.”-Book review

I can be found on twitter and IG here: @wendyeslater

My YouTube channel (me reading my poems set to music and video is): Wendy E. Slater

My website for more info on healing and poetry is: www.traduka.com

The Ocher of Abundance is available as an e-book, paperback on Amazon (and other sites) and as an audiobook on Audible.

It’s been a pleasure to be invited to write an article about The Ocher of Abundance for the Author’s Lounge. Namasté.


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