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Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory is a Trentonian. In the second grade her teacher had a creative writing story time. It was in the second grade she discovered her talent to be creative. When her family moved to a new house in Trenton, there in the closet of the room she chose to share with her older sister, was an old book of poems written by Edgar Allen Poe.

She would sit on the floor for hours reading and eating pumpkin seeds. Reader’s Magnet has an Author’s Lounge that helps you direct your thinking and writing abilities.

From elementary to high school, Alvina strengthen her talent in writing poetry. She began to listen to her environment and the inner voice within her. Later as she got involved with the church and learning about Jesus, she learned that inner voice was the Holy Spirit.

As she grew in God, she learned about the spiritual enemy she had named Satan, the devil. In the Author’s lounge, you get an opportunity to meditate and explore your inner thoughts. In her books she writes about ways needed to avoid being lead by Satan.

Alvina attended Trenton State College. She was a Nursing Major and gave college only two years before she left and got married. She has three boys who are blessed to have good educations and prominent jobs. It was as a mother, she began to pick up poetry writing again. In her book she has a poem entitled “Mother’s Day” and writes about things we need to teach our children.

Her family gave her great joy and she penned her experiences in her writing. She discovered on line “The International Poet Society “and began writing regularly on that site. She was awarded six “Editor’s Choice” Certificates and a “Poet Merit” Award. She was featured in their coffee table poet collection books and twice in their audio and CD collections.

In 1981, after the birth of her third child, Alvina decided to go back to school and become a Physical Education Teacher in the Trenton District. She returned to Trenton State College and submitted a poem to the school newspaper. That was her first publication. In 2001, her mother died and a conversation she had with her mother gave birth to the poem “To Thine Own Self Be True”.

The Lord told her to put a poetry book together and get it published. Out of obedience, she did and the name of it is “Listen With Your Heart”. Her second book “Poetic Parables” was developed from her closer walk with God. She earned a diploma in biblical studies from Living Faith Bible Training Center.

She is a grandmother of two and she attends the Family Church in Voorhees New Jersey. The Author’s Lounge at Readers Magnet gives you time to relax your mind and let your creative juices flow.

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  1. Emily

    This looks like a great book! Do I buy it here?

    • Jordan

      It is! I bought my copy from Amazon. You can search for it there.


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