Patsy Moore author of The Miraculous Hand of God

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Christian and Inspirational | 2 comments

This is an exert from my book.

This book is about various miraculous interventions in peoples lives. There are stories from a 2 yr old to a 73 year old from various walks of life. Some are as told to me by others, as some are the authors. God is still a god of the miraculous. If you don’t think so, I really believe that if you read this book, you’ll change your mind.

A little about the author now.

patsy moore photoPatsy has been a talk show host, radio personality/ manager as well as a song writer and a professional artist . Her music is praise and worship. Her paintings have hung in various galleries in Texas.

Patsy and her husband are the ministers of God’s Way Ministries in Cuero,Texas and wherever they are invited. Patsy has known for a while that she was to write before she went to be with the Lord. She just didn’t know when or what about til God gave here a title. At first she thought it was about the miracles in her life until her husband accident and other people giving

their stories and that’s when she realized that is was about God’s work in various ways.


  1. rebecca

    Reading about a 2-year old’s story sounds incredibly adorable. I feel like this book will definitely be fascinating and engrossing.

  2. Kenneth

    It is. I bought this when I attended a book fair before, and really enjoyed it.


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