Our Journey with Lisabeth Mackall

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ReadersMagnet | Being able to share stories with the world has always been ReadersMagnet’s source of pride. To be a part of an author’s journey always brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment. For the past three months, ReadersMagnet has been working with a brave and honest storyteller in Lisabeth Mackall. We would like to share a glimpse of that continuing journey.

We first encountered Lisabeth Mackall through her first book, 27Miles: Tank’s Journey Home. The book deals with the aftermath of Frank Mackall’s accident and brain injury. Officer Frank Mackall is Lisabeth’s husband. At that time, she was also preparing her second book Dying to Live Your Life. ReadersMagnet was instantly drawn to her narrative and through our publishing consultant Mario Gonzaga, we got to know more about her and since then, we have followed her journey.

Journeying Through Her Blog

However, it was in the early part of 2019 that we became a part of Lisabeth Mackall’s literary world. Our recent efforts to aid authors to increase their marketing voice and establish their reputation online allowed us to work closely with Lisabeth on a whole new different aspect- SEO blogging.

We were fortunate enough to gain Lisabeth Mackall’s trust in allowing us certain process related to On-Page SEO on her website, especially with her blogs. Her blog entries allowed us to experience Lisabeth’s journey starting with her husband’s tragedy up to her latest battle which was breast cancer. Not only it was a remarkable experience that left us with countless lessons about life, persistence, perseverance, and hope, but also it made us appreciate the strength and resolve of Lisabeth. To say that Lisabeth is a person that is unapologetically alive is an understatement.  Exeperiencing Dying to Live Your Life serves as a reminder to every human being, suffering or not, that hope springs eternal and that life is what you make it. These past three months have given ReadersMagnet something that is far more valuable than a partnership in terms of book marketing. It has rewarded us with a gift of a unique narrative that will forever be part of us. Dying to Live Your Life is both haunting and healing at the same time.

Moving Forward to the Future                     

Lisabeth Mackall’s literary journey is far from over. On the contrary, new opportunities are beginning to open not only for her books but also for her other writing endeavors. If there is one thing that Lisabeth has proven these past few years, that is being a brave and honest storyteller. Her book and her blogs have shown us that it’s alright to write about your pain and suffering. She has inspired us that it is not cowardice to admit anger, frustration, certain defeats, and to have occasional doubts. More than anything, Lisabeth Mackall has shown us that she has the capability to convince people that there is hope and that small victories are worth celebrating. It is along these lines that ReadersMagnet takes pride in partnering with Ms. Mackall in sharing further her stories with the world. We are excited to move forward with our journey with Lisabeth Mackall.


  1. Sheska

    I love reading about author’s journey. It’s wonderful reading about their growth!

    • Christian

      I agree. 27 Miles was such a great book. It’s great reading about the author’s life before and after that book.


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