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The internet has surely changed the lives of plenty of people. Humankind has benefited from the internet ever since its creation. The use of the internet has grown rapidly over the last decade. In the beginning, limited activities can be performed on the internet. And now, anyone can do anything from anywhere with this innovation. The internet has immensely changed education, business, healthcare, and so much more.

Today, people use a range of online platforms to perform tasks such as researching and ordering. There are abundant things to do on the internet nowadays. There are abundant things to do on the internet nowadays. Many online platforms are made available for people to use, may it be for free or not.

Furthermore, the internet has revolutionized the means of expression and communication for humankind. This has become a leading factor in social evolution. There are abundant things to do on the internet on various platforms. This has become a platform itself for these online platforms for expression and communication. The internet offers many online platforms that are made available for people to use, whether it be for free or not. Hence, it is a must to choose the right platform for your needs.

Author’s Lounge

The first on the list is Author’s Lounge powered by ReadersMagnet LLC. This may be the newest platform from the rest of the sites listed in this article, but this is the hottest and rising platform to cater to your stories and opinions. This is not just an online network but a community that gathers everyone together. A community that allows authors to share stories speak your mind, discuss opinions and connect with others—an arena for both communication and expression. ReadersMagnet Publishing LLC created Author’s Lounge for the benefit of rising and promising authors. Members of the Author’s Lounge are allowed to write about anything they wish to share. There is no limitation to what they wish to write, from literary topics to timely colloquial materials. Not only will members enjoy sharing stories, but they can also relish in the benefits that come with joining, such as a $250 worth package of publishing and marketing services for your next book.


This is a microblogging and social networking website with a free-form nature. This online platform allows members to write posts that are a little short compared to traditional blogging. Tumblr is very image-based, allowing you to post ranging multimedia. This platform enables you to connect with others through your interests. The algorithm of Tumblr enables your post to appear on other people’s feeds through the use of tags. This platform is very image-based and easy to use. You can post anything on the site, and commenting is allowed for interaction. The downside of using this platform is that members have limited control over post formatting.


Facebook is known as a social networking site that allows anyone with a profile to access the site. This platform makes it easier for anyone to connect with friends and families. Members are given the ability to connect and share anything with the people you are friends with on the site. Facebook allows members to post anything, including status updates, photos, links, and blogs. This can be used on your computer and cellphones. Communication is catered through commenting sections and by using a secondary app or site developed by Facebook.


This is a standard blogging platform that helps members find the right audience for their posts and articles. The Medium allows you to repost and link content on your self-hosted blog as long as it is not duplicated. An easy to use platform that provides members an opportunity to reach a larger audience. This online platform caters to anyone who wishes to share and find insightful and dynamic thinking. Connections are created between readers and writers through blog articles. Medium is open for anyone that wants to promote substance and authentic content.


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