One In A Million Chance of A Lifetime By Montanette Hendricks

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One In A Million Chance of A Lifetime

This novel is about a young lady searching for love, she thought she had found it. For her once in million a chance of a life time she found someone who she loves and he loved her back.’.  After college the young couple decided to get married in a large church full of family and friends. 
They made their vows before the preachers, the people and most of all God.

The young lady did not believe in divorce. Three months into the marriage it was over whelming. After 30 years and four children, she took all she could take all she could take. She prayed and prayed for God to give her a sign of what to do.  She said, “My children are emotionally damage and so am I.

The young lady found out that he husband was not he “One in a Million Chance of a Life Time”. Jesus Christ was her only million chance of a life time. After many times asking her husband for the couple to go to counseling, she rejected … After 30 years she got a sign from God. She probably had seen many times but missed the missed the sign. After seeing the sign, she asked her husband to seek help he said.”, No., psychiatrist and psychologist only get in your head to mess it up.

The young lady who was no longer young, she took her girls and left.  Spiritually, physically, and emotionally broken the lady called it quits, the novel contains all the pain and sorrow the young and then older woman took just to make it through.   

Autobiography of the Author 

Montanette Hendricks imageI am a retired teacher, a disabled retired teacher. Growing up my family was a military family. The only overseas country I lived in was Japan, where I went to kindergarten. I am a daughter of Master Sgt. Hildred Harrison and Ernestine Harrison. My family and I lived in several states in the United States. We settled down in North Carolina, where I currently live. I have three children plus one, that her mom and I raised. So she is my daughter too, all of her family is part of mine. I got married at twenty-one years old right after I graduated from college, with Summa Cum Laude. The college I attended was A&T State University of Greensboro, NC. I have one brother, one sister and three grandchildren. I wish my life had been different. I write because I always write my feelings down.


  1. Christian

    Being lonely in a marriage really takes a toll on you. I’m blessed that this book depicts how the love of Christ is real and everlasting.

  2. Sheska

    Right? Only Christ’s love is enough for us to experience joy and I’m glad this book taught us that valuable lesson.


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