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I, Marvin Schrebe, wanted to let my readers know that I now have my second and brand new associate degree. I just earned an associate degree in divinity from Christian Leaders Institute in Spring Lake MI and am one class short of my second bachelors degree, also in divinity from the same school. I am not real happy with my GPA, but that is my own fault. I underestimated how hard the quizzes at the end of the sections are and did not take proper notes to adequately prepare me for the quizzes. Looking back I can see that I could have done much better than I did, but I am happy that I earned my degree.

Why did I want a new associate degree in divinity? I am the chaplain of the West Virginia Veterans Home in Barboursville WV. As a chaplain I feel compelled to continue learning since I lead others spiritually. I do not necessarily preach to any who do not wish to here it. In other words I do not push my religion off on people. I would much rather attract people. I feel you attract more iron with a magnet than you do by spewing hot air all over them with a fan. How am I suppose to attract others to my religion if I know nothing about the faith myself? Therefore, I enrolled in the tuition free college at Christian Leader’s Institute and earned my associate degree in divinity. As soon as I finish another class, which I cannot attend until February 2022, I will have my Bachelor of Divinity as well. I would be happy to discuss my faith with anybody interested.

Now let’s discuss writing. I will be publishing “Teatime” in April of 2021. Teatime is a collection of short stories with a smattering of poetry. My stories include Christmas stories such as “The Year Mrs. Claus Delivered Christmas” and “Rolling Thunder”. It also has horror stories such as “Frosty, the Axe-Murderer” about a snowman that comes to life and starts killing people, The Jenkins Farm, and other stories. There are some science fiction stories, and other articles. I think you will like “Teatime.”

I am one of the featured authors in The Festival of Storytellers coming soon. Reader’s Magnet is preparing me a virtual booth and will have my book ready to order by then. They are also designing me a beautiful website where I will have a blog. My blog will have stories about the things I am doing and other items of interest. I hope you will stop by and at least view my blog. It will have all sorts of stuff on it. I blog every morning on another site that I belong to. The owners of various forums on the writing site I belong to post prompts each day. I try to answer those prompts. It could be anything from a general question about small talk or an important subject like religion or politics. It is whatever they prompt. So when Reader’s Magnet launches my website I will enter those blog entries there as well.

A lot of my new website is dedicated to telling you about my books of course. Reader’s Magnet is not only posting my book “Teatime on their new website, but all the other books I have sold as well. Some of those books are no longer in print as the publishing company went out of business. However, you can still find them on Amazon and Ebay. I believe there are a few left at Barnes and Noble as well. Stop by and check it out today. I know you will enjoy them.


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