My Story of Overcoming by Marie Owens

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I am Marie Owens here to talk about my memoir on Authors’ Lounge.

My memoir, My Story of Overcoming, talks about the trauma I had in my child hood. Living as a teenage and now adult with mental health I have PTSD and Bipolar disorder. I share my poems and artwork. I talk about the ways I’ve found to cope with my PTSD and Bipolar disorder. Having these two disorders causes me to have serve depression that I have to cope with in order to live the best life possible. I also share how I was juggling college, motherhood and my mental health all at once. Writing poems was my first passion and art became my second passion. As of age 21 I became a mother and I stopped drinking and doing drugs all at once because I wanted to give my son the best life possible. I was in an abusive relationship that didn’t want me to stop so he cheated and left us. At 23 I married my high school best friend who is an amazing dad to my son.

I am grateful that my story is out into the world but mostly I glad it may help someone going through the same things as me. I used to self-harm for many years I stopped four years ago going on five years. I am stronger for the things I have been though. My art has given me a huge copping skill along with a business that inspires people.

The book, My Story of Overcoming, was hard to write for the fact it’s hard to accept that my parents drank alcohol and now my mom is sober six years. My biological dad is in prison because he is a mean person when drunk and hits women. It’s taken me years to accept that he not a good person and that I feel guilty so I write to him in prison. I am one of six kids who all dealt with the lies and abuse he did. He for many years has stayed in jail or prison. It’s been hard to have a kid and not be able to allow my dad to see him other than in a picture. The regret I feel for allowing myself to still try to have a relationship with a person who hurt my mom so much is hard. I am a survivor of domestic abuse, rape. I am stronger because these acts of violence and traumas gave me a strength to focus on school and to work had for the life, I desired to have.

I have been in a time of depression that I saw no end in sight until I found out I was pregnant. I knew the relationship I was in was falling apart and that I be like my mom a single parent and I was for a year my now husband has step up to be a dad. Step parents choose to be a person in a child or adults’ life. My son doesn’t know the truth and when he old enough the conversation will be hard but it will be one that I must have.

My book, My Story of Overcoming, talks about all of this in six chapters and they are somewhat disorganized I did self-publish my book so be penitent with me on the spelling errors that I do have in the book. I will share my linktree with all my links including my book. I hope you will read the book and leave a review good or bad I love to read it.

My book was a challenge to write but I am proud of myself for writing it and going through with self-publishing it. 


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