My Own Fantasy and Inspiration in Writing by R. H Hairston

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My own living fantasy began on a small farm in Northeast Ohio. My mother was a world traveler physically and through books. She taught me that I could go anywhere I wanted in the world and beyond through books. My grandmother read the whole bible several times over, and showed me in its scriptures the mysteries, and adventures that lied within. I was hooked! Between, various Bibles of other religions, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, etc., kept me totally occupied.

I was the only child who lived on the 110 acres of woods and field. I had a very rambunctious quarter horse named Scout that I loved. With acres to roam, and my broad imagination, and tons of books, manuscripts, and maps the universe was mine! It also gave pride to my farm family, which consisted of Aunts, Uncles and various older cousins that I knew my place as a child and to stay out of the affairs of adults! No problem! When other family members would come to visit with children my own age, I indulged them with the “Emily Post” manners I was taught. They had no interest in my strange ways and weirdness…again, no problem! They preferred to sit under the adults and learn whatever they could about forbidden family histories and take this news back to whatever city and state they called home.

The animals, who were my friends, did not get along with my visiting relatives…they were afraid of everything anyway, (smile)! At the age of around twelve, my grandmother or great-Aunt told me about Jesus, and the rejection, misunderstanding and loneliness he suffered as a small boy, because he was so strange and different. My loving family told me not to be afraid of this news about Jesus. What!! I just found my new BFF!! Shortly after that I began to attempt to write down my own thoughts and what ifs. Needless-to-say, my first notes in a spiral notebook caused a little laughter, and perhaps concern of my mental state. I was told, “you should not question God,” to “why do you think animals have souls?” My answers were not disrespectful, but sincere. “You, (family) have taught me and I’ve read, that God is creator of ALL creation and the Father of us all, so why would my Father punish me for asking him a question?” Silence…then “go play”, was the response. “What makes you think animals have souls?” they’d ask. “You can see it in their eyes,” I’d respond. (I have always been fascinated with eyes). Now, I am relieved and comforted that I am not crazy in my “What Ifs and Possibilities”. There are others that SEE things outside the box; Stephen King (love his writing style, descriptive), Erich Von DaNiken (confirmed my thoughts at a very young age), J.R.R. Tolkien (combining fantasy in real time) and of course my BFF Jesus who gave me the confidence to seek, learn and try everything.

Photo of R. H HairstonIn essence, “When Sasha Dreams A Living Fantasy” is set in present day. The ancient visitors’ characters represent research of different scriptures, mythologies and cultures from around the world, (their names have meaning). Their descriptions allowed for an interplanetary view, feel, and awe.

“When Sasha Dreams,” ended as a cliffhanger, her journey continues in “The Power of Innocence,” which includes, more information about her marriage, back stories of various characters, intrigue and betrayal. The third book, “Mist and Shadow” involves hidden secrets about her new family and planet. There also might be a fourth?


Meanwhile, I truly thank the above mentioned players in my life, and “Readers Magnet” for this opportunity.


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