W. Veronica Lisare: My Journey Through Valleys And Over Mountains

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Writing was never a passion of mine, although I love to talk. Forty years ago, I began to keep journals; just for myself. As a fairly new believer in Jesus who is following the Christian path, I wanted to record the prophetic words spoken over me, my prayers, answers to prayers and the ways in which God blessed me as well as ways He blessed others through me. These many recordings have helped me to recall my spiritual journey. Gradually, I was learning about God and that He was and is a good Father. Celebrating the answers to prayer always boosted my faith and gave me courage.

Eventually, having many experiences with God, I, W. Veronica Lisare, began to share them with those who were experiencing a similar situation. Telling my testimonies built their faith to trust God as well.

Several people would say to me, “You should write a book.” I had been attending a ministry school in California for two years. Near graduation, a pastor teacher asked us to think about what legacy we would be leaving behind. Realizing that my children nor my grandchildren knew anything much about my story, I began to write. To be honest, I never really believed I was capable of finishing this project, but slowly persevered as I knew that God wanted me to do it.  Eleven long years passed until it was published.

With God’s help, I have practiced forgiving those who have hurt me over the years and experienced the benefits once I understood how toxic the bitterness and resentment were to me. Discovering that the pain and trauma of the past doesn’t have to disqualify me or determine my future is liberating. Accepting the unconditional love of God and understanding His grace set me free from condemnation, self-hatred and shame. I no longer believe that I am unworthy of love and should expect rejection. Fear is losing its grip on me as I embrace my true identity as a daughter of the King of kings. I know that God isn’t holding my mistakes against me. I have not only survived an abusive childhood, a difficult marriage, betrayal, divorce, cancer, financial losses, a challenging career and death of a grandchild, but I have overcome and thrived. Praise God! He was always there and especially showed Himself faithful in the dark times. I feel like He is re-parenting me. For decades I tried hard to be perfect and live a risk free life. But that wasn’t real freedom for me. Being bound by fear is oppressive.  

Living a single life for the past 22 years has taught me so much. I have had to step out of my comfort zone and into the unknown many times. God continued to place me in new situations in my workplace. I admit, I always longed for the familiar, but I wouldn’t need faith for those. I learned to trust Him at His Word that “I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” My nurse’s training was minimal and I always felt handicapped in my knowledge and skills. But God showed me how valuable my compassion was and not everyone had it.

Going to a missionary school was the last place I thought that God would send me immediately after my marriage ended. Had He not seen my life resume? I believed that I was disqualified. But no. He would not leave me to believe the many lies about myself. Our almost three month missionary trip took our team to the poor areas of the Philippines. Immediately after arriving, I experienced a bad fall and sprained most of my leg which left me physically challenged during our outreach. That was it! I had had enough and got angry at the devil who I believed was trying to attack me again. I was not going to be sent home. And so I found my own power to say “NO.” As a believer, it is crucial to know and use our power and authority.

Since then I, W. Veronica Lisare, have travelled extensively. Some of my trips have been with a ministry team, some with one person and several on my own. My passion for adventure was increasing and fear was decreasing. Freedom is addicting. Mexico is my annual winter destination of choice.

As well, I have taken two, three and even four week long bus tours. Friends are amazed that I would do this as a woman past middle age! Some of the countries I have had the pleasure of touring are Israel, South Africa, Turkey, the Caribbean, West Indies, many of the United States and most of Europe. I am so very blessed to have had these opportunities see these places!

I, W. Veronica Lisare, have served in my church in several positions such as Prayer team leader and board member. I am passionate to teach people how to pray effectively and powerfully using our authority that we have been given. God introduced me to praying His Word seventeen years ago. It is so powerful. As well, I learned an inner healing ministry called Sozo which I love to share and take individuals through personal sessions. I explain the meaning and process in my book so everyone can use these invaluable tools.

I encourage you all to step into your own freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is well worth it!

If you are interested in reading the rest of my story, my book “The Other Side Of Fear. My Journey Into Perfect Love” by W. Veronica Lisare (pen name) is available on Amazon in Kindle version as well as hard and soft cover. I appreciate feedback, thanks. Visit my website by clicking here. I also have an author Facebook and Instagram page and I can be located on LinkedIn using my real name, Wendy Arelis. I love to post encouraging and uplifting quotes that I have found helpful on my journey of life. Enjoy.

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  1. Donna

    Thanks for sharing your story! An inspiration for me and others for sure!

    • Wendy Arelis

      You are welcome. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Jane

    Thank you so much for sharing how the Lord has been helping you. I love your book. It was an easy read, and you explained your experiences so well. I couldn’t put the book down! I think many of us don’t even realize it’s fear that we are experiencing. Bless you and thank you for not holding back, but sharing from the heart.

  3. Deanna

    Congratulations, Wendy! Everyone should read the amazing story of your journey so far.


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