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Authors’ Lounge is a God send. I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to highlight my work.

Delores Henriques author of
My Animal Alphabet Book And a Note to Parents Who Want Their Children to Succeed

Delores Henriques Book Highlight | My Animal Alphabet Book: And a Note

I am Delores Henriques, Jamaican by birth. As far as I could remember I wanted to be an Educator. I began my teaching career in Jamaica at age 21 and when I migrated to the United States, I continued the same path.

My education on this journey includes a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of the West Indies, Masters in Education from the American InterContinental University and my Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S) in Early Childhood Education from North Central University.

My philosophy “every child can learn” has given me the strong conviction to support the individual needs of every child every day. The knowledge that children learn in different ways, and implementing strategies and creative ways to help them learn, has helped my students  grow and succeed in all areas of learning and development.

About the Book

“My Animal Alphabet Book And a Note to Parents Who Want Their Children to Succeed” was birthed of a fundamental need found in the classrooms of our Kindergarten children. So much is expected of our Kindergarten children today yet many start schools and struggle behind their peers because of the lack of Alphabet knowledge.

 Quoting from page 14 in the book “Homes are great places for children to read, write and have fun.” Families are the first teachers of their children and one simple way to help the child excel in Kindergarten is to expose the child to the Alphabet and other learning materials before the child begin school. This exposure build literacy skills and gives the child a strong foundation before he or she begins school.

My Animal Alphabet Book And a Note……. does not teach the Alphabet in isolation but gives the child the opportunity to learn to read. This book is intentional in preparing the Kindergarten child for the First Grade. The focus is on learning the Alphabet, building vocabulary and reading skills. The goal is to make learning to read fun for the child.

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  1. Claire

    Cute Illustrations and a fun read.

  2. Hummer

    My children love this book.


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