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I grew up in a small snowy town in North Dakota. As a child I remember trick or treating in the snow and sledding every chance I could. It was always cold and windy and this is of course the location of my first book, “Mortal.”. I always thought I’d be a veterinarian when I was young, but after a long life of being the boss I have settled down to a simpler life. I write everyday and try to share my works with others. I am a huge animal lover and love the outdoors. My writing is my chance to show my dark side. I love all things horror and dark, my books reflect this.

I am the author of four novels, all of which take place in the same vampiric universe. The first novel “Mortal.” just came to me one day, I started writing and all of a sudden my character and the series of books was born.

I will say when I wrote the second book, “Mortal?” it was not only the second book in the series but that this vampire universe was also inspired by my vampire and goth friends which I have met on line and in real life. There is a very strong community of real life vampires which is very alive and more common than you think in our world. Are they the vampires of legend and myth? That depends on how you define a vampire. Some drink blood and some feed in other ways. It is all about energy and even though my books are fiction, this energy subject is discussed quite a bit in my books.  

 Everything inspires my writing. I can be walking down the street and see a person or situation which inspires a book, a story, or a character or scene in the next book. If I see a dark alley or a vacant lot I will stop and enter the area and the stories abound in my imagination. I have never experienced writer’s block. If anything I am quite the opposite. I can’t keep up with the ideas in my head. If it were possible I could sit and write everyday for hours and hours.

A month ago I would have said “The Formal”, which is my latest book, is my greatest accomplishment as an author. It is a better writing style and written better as I evolve as a writer and the story is incredible. I am very proud of this book.

But my fifth novel, which I hope to finish in early 2021, is an incredible story and takes place in a once famous casino in Tijuana Mexico. This book is called “Casino Agua Caliente”. Of course one of my vampires from my vampire universe are there and you get to learn more about a vampire I introduced in book three, “Immortal”. I have had to do a lot of research about life in the 1930’s and life at the actual casino. I want to book to feel authentic and tell the fictional story but with a real feeling of authenticity for the era in Mexico and the Hollywood lifestyle back then.

 “The Mortal Series” makes a great gift for your horror lover on your Christmas list!

Unlike any vampire awakening you have ever read! Take a journey with me, from “Mortal.” to “Mortal?” to “Immortal.”




The first book “Mortal.” is also available in Spanish!

El primer libro “Mortal”. ¡también está disponible en español!


Libro uno de “The Mortal Series”

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