“Monologues & Scenes 101” A Book Written By Actor/Writer Kristina Sullivan

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What is your book all about?

 “Monologues & Scenes 101” by Kristina Sullivan is a collection of 101 monologues & scenes for stage & screen for teens & adults of all ages. The monologues and scenes are different genres, some are dramatic and some are comedic. Some of these monologues and scenes deal with topics of some serious social issues, and some of these monologues and scenes are more fun. Dependent on which piece an actor chooses to perform, they might make their audience laugh or they might make their audience cry. One of the best things about this book is the huge variety of the material that the actors have to choose from inside the book, there’s something there for everybody!

What inspired you to write the book?

My inspiration to write this book came from a video series on Youtube that I was watching where the amazing Gloria Calderon Kellett spoke about her career and one of the things that she mentioned that she did was write a monologue book, this inspired me to also write a book! The inspiration for each of the monologues and scenes is varied; some of them are inspired by real life situations and conversations that actually happened to me or to someone that I know, and some of them are inspired purely by events that are imagined and didn’t actually happen to myself or anyone that I know. All of the content of this book was written between mid October 2020 to mid December 2020, it took approximately 2 months for me to write this book, from start to finish.

What is your target audience for the book?

My target audience for this book is actors who are either teenagers or adults of all ages who are in need of new and original material to perform for auditions, showcases, acting classes, their reel, or just for fun! This book is also good for anybody who is interested in reading 101 very short stories as each monologue or scene tells a story. I hope that the readers of this book who are actors get the new performance material that they need and they are able to impress the audience that they are performing for with their acting skills. For all readers, weather they are actors or not, I hope that they enjoy the stories that are being told in each of the monologues and scenes that are in the book. 

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

My future goals and plans for this book is for many people to read it and enjoy it! I would love for a lot of people to buy this book and in the book find at least one monologue or scene that they love and that they are able to perform, and hopefully they are even able to gain more acting opportunities based off of their performance of something that I wrote! And, hopefully people like this book enough to not keep it to themselves, but to also share it with other people.  Also, ideally this book could hopefully have a place on lists of recommended books for actors who are looking for new performance material as well as being on lists specifically for material for students in acting classes. 

Something more about yourself?

My future goals and plans for myself is to continue to both act and write for both the stage and the screen. I also am a voice actor who can currently be heard on the very popular JLJ Media audio soap opera, “Forever And A Day” as the voice of Stephanie Markham. 

For readers of this Authors’ Lounge article who are interested in reading my book, it is currently for sale on Amazon.    


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