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It’s truly amazing how a couple of years can bring. Despite being a young and growing enterprise, many independent authors have successfully shared their stories with the world through different publishing and marketing services. Since its inception, the self-publishing company have weathered many storms and celebrated many triumphs.

This week, we look back on events and happenings that continue to prove that ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company that is committed to becoming a dedicated partner in making many independent authors’ dream come true. Here’s what’s new on the ReadersMagnet Weekend News.


ReadersMagnet’s Roaring Success During the 2018 Miami Book Fair International



When the 2018 Miami Book Fair International opened its doors to the public for their colorful Street Fair, ReadersMagnet definitely did not miss all the fun! Two busy booths came alive with their bookshelves, poster-filled tables, exciting loot bags, and freebies.

Countless tourists, locals, kids, curious onlookers, and book lovers of all ages easily filled the busy booth—proving that the growing self-publishing company’s first Miami Book Fair participation was indeed a roaring success.

Moreover, fairgoers did not miss the chance to meet and interact with authors during their respective book signing events. Day one was graced by authors KG Follet (The Bear’s Den Series), Alexandra Bestika (Titanabet), and Ralph Mosgrove (Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough?).

After that, Day Two welcomed powerhouse authors such as Dr. Josefina Monasterio (Vibrant at Any Age), Clarence Vold (Farmer’s Son, Military Career), Dana Hayne (GPS for the Soul), Rose B. (The Gift of Sobriety), and Assad Wright (Hijacking of the American Presidency: Terrorists in the White House).

The two-day affair truly marks ReadersMagnet’s dedication to helping authors share their stories to many readers all over the world. If people would ask if they would still join the celebration for the next Miami Book Fairs to come, their response would surely be a resounding approval.


Legit and Loud: ReadersMagnet Makes Its Presence Known in the American Airwaves



The long list of ReadersMagnet publishing and marketing services recently welcomed a new addition that would give authors a new platform to broaden their reach and allow their books touch more readers. The company partnered with “This Week in America with Ric Bratton” to give their authors an opportunity to further promote their published books to the show’s countless listeners all over the United States.

Through the ReadersMagnet Radio Interview package, the famous media icon will sit down with the authors and talk about their book, writing processes, experience, and so much more. As the show airs not just in stations but also on Youtube and other social media platforms, the service is definitely a beneficial and credible platform for first-time and seasoned authors.

Furthermore, this successful partnership truly echoes ReadersMagnet’s dedication to making their authors’ books soar, not just across the American airwaves but also all over the world.


ReadersMagnet Achieves BBB Accreditation



July proved to be a huge month for ReadersMagnet as they achieved their biggest milestone yet—receiving a BBB accreditation. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards the company with an A- overall rating that equates to 90 to 93.99 points. This achievement truly solidifies its place among many successful and reliable book publishing companies.

The company surely achieved many milestones since it started making many authors’ dreams come true two years ago. As they continue making authors happy through their list of ReadersMagnet publishing and marketing services, they strengthen their commitment to providing world-class quality products through virtue of trust.

Following this achievement, ReadersMagnet aims to continue meeting the standards based on BBB’s Code of Business Practices. Not only that, the company’s current and future clients will surely have more confidence and trust in choosing them as a partner in turning goals of sharing their stories to the world into a wonderful reality.


ReadersMagnet is the legitimate deal. Publish with us today and we’ll make sure to share your story with the world. Contact us at 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2643 | [email protected]


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