Melia in Foreverland by Dr. Thomas H. Milhorat

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The story takes place one day during the summer of 1946 in the imaginary farming community of Orion, Kansas. Cousin Emma is angry with God and when Melia attempts to console her, she brings up a second matter: maybe there is no God and heaven is just a fairytale. Melia‘s search for the truth starts in her father’s library where she is drawn to the books of famous men, believing that in them are all the answers necessary to help Emma. That night she dreams and dream that is not all dream. Thus begins the magical adventures of Melia in Foreverland. Melia in Foreverland is a hopeful story about a timeless subject: the story of man’s longing for truth, of his migration from one world to anther where goodness lives on; of his assimilation into a true life perfected by death, and of his reunion with all things that are dear to him.

Once I retired from Chief of Neurosurgery after a long and busy career, I knew I wanted to focus on my second passion: writing. Although I have two other books (“The Devil’s Dance” and “The Amnesiac”) that display more of my background with medicine, Melia in Foreverland was my first book and I wanted it to be one that anyone could pick up and enjoy. The story although mentioning faith and spirituality, is not a religious book but merely and story about what possibilities could wait for us after death. We can all relate to pondering over that question at least at one point in our lives, and this story not only covers that instinctual curiosity but looks at it through the eyes of a young girl who has just experienced death for the first time and is now seeing herself as well as a close family member question everything. 

My target audience for the book would simply be anyone else who has ever wondered: “What happens when we die?” I think especially in times like these where life can seem so hectic and unsure, this book might help to comfort those who are feeling that way. I would love for my readers to walk away from this book feeling a little more peaceful and comforted by all the possibilities that the book discusses and presents. Especially with the recent pandemic and multitude of loss felt worldwide, I think my book could comfort and help those who have grieved and give them peace of mind for their lost loved ones. 

My future goals for the book would be for it to gain more recognition and be reached by more readers. I am extremely thankful to Author’s Lounge for presenting me with the opportunity to premiere my book on their site! 

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