Marvin Schrebe’s feedback on The Festival of Storytellers

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I wanted to thank Reader’s Magnet for hosting The Festival of Storytellers. It was a huge success in my mind. I had a booth at the festival and generated quite a bit of traffic. I do not have the final numbers yet, but do know that I had at least two people ask for copies of my book “Teatime”. I will be shipping those out soon. I also had the opportunity to engage with people and am still receiving emails from people who visited my booth. Thank you, Reader’s Magnet! I know you put a lot of effort and resources into making this spectacular event possible. It is not just any publisher that would go above and beyond the call of duty to orchestrate and sponsor such an event. Reader’s Magnet is not just blowing smoke when they say they care for their authors. The Festival of Storytellers exhibits the dedication of Reader’s Magnet to their authors. This event was not about Reader’s Magnet. It was 100% focused on their authors and the marketing of author’s books.

I wanted to go live from my booth more than I did. The main thing that prevented me from doing so was my vocation. I was working much of the time. Still, when I did go live from my booth, Reader’s Magnet worked to drive traffic to my booth. I am told that mine was one of the most frequently visited booths at the festival. I know that every time I went live from my booth I had at least one or two opportunities to engage with my viewers. Unfortunately, I was only able to go live about four times due to work.

Reader’s Magnet continues to exhibit their dedication to authors and The Festival of Storytellers is proof of that dedication. The nice part is that if you missed seeing me go live and would like to watch, you still can! Just go to You Tube and type in “Chris Breva.” It will take you directly to my channel, where most of my live presentations are stored for use. You may wish to do so, because I read some of my stories there. The stories are usually very short. They are meant to be “teatime” reads, meaning most of them can be read in about the same time as it takes to drink a cup of hot tea, cocoa, or coffee. There is something for everybody from the hardened who like horror to the softhearted who enjoy a moving story. There is comedy, science-fiction, Christmas stories, and more. Come and check it out. I know you will be glad you did!


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