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Who does not like poetry, short stories, etc.? My book “Styles in Poetry” by Marvin Schrebe, is a collection of poems, stories, and essays and other writings that I have written over the past ten years. It has a little something for everybody. There is an assortment of poetry from metered poetry such as iambic pentameter, triolet, and rondeau to free verse and experimental poetry.

For those who prefer short stories “Styles in Poetry” offers a variety of them as well. Some of the short stories are fanciful in nature and some are comedies such as “Strange Fruit Salad”, a story in which a nonchalant woman goes to the grocery store and finds a weird fruit on sale. She buys some of it and makes her family a fruit salad with it knowing that her family hates to try anything different.

The results are hilarious. I do not typically laugh at my own stories but this one had me laughing so hard I could barely write it!

There are also some Christian writings in it. I, Marvin Schrebe, am a chaplain so I would be remiss not to include something about my faith. Styles in Poetry therefore has some essays that examine my reasons for believing in God.

As I said earlier, “Styles in Poetry” offers something for everybody. I wrote it to be family friendly. I knew when I was writing it that somebody’s children may end up reading it and I feel children are exposed to enough violence and erotica by the world and media.

I intentionally tried to write “Styles in Poetry” in a way that would be entertaining to adults without overexposing children. “Styles in Poetry” has something for everybody! It is still in production but will be out soon. I hope you will come by and check it out.

Here is a sample of Marvin Schrebe’s (that’s me) writing though I do not remember if this is included. I guess you will have to buy a copy to find out?

Fairies in the Moonlight

Fairies dancing in the moonlight
Beautiful dancers “Oh what a sight”
Dancing and playing to their hearts delight
When one sees them all feels right.

Watching them dancing, twirling around
None of their feet touching the ground
A pixie provides melodious sound
A more pleasant sight could not be found!


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