Lovely Darkness: The Cambions Book 1 | Michelle L Gonzales

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Author’s Lounge, this is what “Lovely Darkness” entails: Seventeen-year-old Jessica Vasquez can pinpoint the day her life began to change. After the death of her loving grandparents, not only is she having nightmares, but she is also trying to deal with the changes of her body, and her craving for her favorite boy, Fabian. Her cold-hearted mother abandons her, leaving Jessica to live alone in a small Texas town she calls “Crapville”.

But when she finds an intruder in her cotton gin hideaway—a Cambion named Lucian Mason—Jessica’s life is sent down a completely different path. Jessica discovers why these changes are happening, why her mother loathes her, and why Lucian is there to protect her from the Incubus who wants to claim her. Lovely Darkness: The Cambions Book 1 is the first book in this series.


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