Living in the Tree of Life by Raine Lore

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My book, Living in the Tree of Life, is set primarily in Australia and presents eight imaginative tales using trees as the glue that binds the tale to the characters. In some instances, the tree itself becomes the subject of the story, in others, the tree name hints at the story’s content. In all cases, the reader is provided with a highly imaginative adventure with strong character development and lots of hooks and twists along the way. This book is a collection of surprising adventures where everyday people get caught up in the difficulties, dramas and magic of living in the tree of life.

We have many gorgeous native trees in our country which are an inspiration in themselves- I experienced an enormous amount of pleasure choosing and matching my tree ‘personalities’ to my sometimes eccentric and outrageous characters. My aim is to involve the reader in some unexpected adventures and surprise with the outcomes.

Images and texts describing the ‘tree of life’ are abundant on the internet. The texts tend to explore biblical, multi-religious, spiritual and philosophical themes. When I look at images of the, ‘Tree of Life’, I feel connected to a representation of all that is; the interweaving branches of life, intermingled with spirituality and the synchronicity of the universe.

My writing, across all of my novels, is aimed at a slightly more mature audience who seek escapism into the realm of mystery, magic and mayhem, hopefully triggering a memory of what it was that brought them to fiction in the first place. As we grow older, I think we are all tempted to indulge in memories of how we felt and played in our childhood environments, sometimes romanticising the way things really were.

Consequently, I write as an independent author on with the deep desire that people will connect with my writing style and enjoy playing with me, in my imagination. My goal for this book is to have it in the hands of many with the hope that it will trigger further exploration of my work. I am hoping that, by featuring, Living in the Tree of Life, at the Authors’ Lounge, my work will gain some much-desired attention, (and maybe a few favourable reviews), on Amazon.

From my earliest days, I was privileged to be exposed to an environment that encouraged the growth of imagination. Many family artisans, performers, war heroes, and people who had grown from environments of both poverty and affluence, were my role models.

As a child, I weaved a fantasy playground in which many exciting characters came together; a fearless superhero, tasked with saving the world, an ethereal maiden with vocal talents so glorious that she could lure seasoned sailors to wreck upon the rocks, an adventurer on horseback riding a trusty steed, her rifle strapped into a leather scabbard. As I grew, I began to understand that everybody, and every place, offered potential that could be transcribed into an adventure.

Now, thanks to a digital world, I can place my adventures all over the world for the reading population to enjoy. I hope that you will read along as I introduce you to my sleuths, heroes, beings with superior powers, warriors, witches, the godly and the ungodly, through the wonderful, limitless world of fiction.

It is time to read and dream with open eyes! I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Raine Lore

Here is a link to my book, ‘Living in the Tree of Life’ on


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