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Leave Something Good, There’s a lot of topics that run through my mind. Weather, Politics, Religion, Racism, People, Health and Survival are a few. We’re in a time where we will need to pay close attention to the signs of impending disasters. Something is happening behind the scenes and with all the distractions that bombard us every day do we think about what will it be like if there is a Heaven and a Hell or Not? Some believe there is while others do not. Paradise or Eternal fire has been in great debate over the existence of the two. We all will have to pass from life to death, some with joy or long suffering while others will have their life taken. There’s no were to run when death comes for us and no payment for an extended stay. Life can be difficult on many fronts when people don’t have resources, like Clean water, Shelter, and Healthcare, so death to many is better than life. Death may be better because we will not have the burden of looking for the basics to live. Or is life better because of the fear of the unknown when we die. Living to work and work to serve can be rewarding while we breath. Life is life whether rich or poor and so is death. We bring nothing when we come into this life and we take nothing when we leave. The greatest reward before we die would be to leave something positive behind for the next generation. Will the world remember you for what you have done? Let not the memory of you be a stench but a sweet aroma of your existence on earth. “Leave something good.” By Alan Alston Sr.


  1. rizza

    We all have a purpose in life and I think Mr. Alston managed to describe it perfectly.

    • Emily

      Yes, rather than becoming rich or having materialistic goals, I think we really need to make sure we’re leaving something positive before we die.


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