Last Life: Level 1 by Zack Lester

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First thing I would like to do is thank Authors’ Lounge for featuring my book, ‘Last Life: Level 1’. I can’t thank them enough for the support.

I have always loved science fiction for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I was glued to shows like The Twilight Zone, Unsolved Mysteries, and Tales from the Crypt. I couldn’t get enough of them, even if my parents didn’t understand my obsession. As I grew up, my love for all things sci-fi and stories of the strange never left me. 

As well as loving sci-fi, I have always had a passion for telling stories. Every time I had a sleep over as a child, I would gather everyone around and try to scare them with different scary stories. The bigger reaction I would get from them, the crazier the story would become. Great friend, right? The next step was writing and drawling comic books. To this day, I can’t draw, but I loved it. It was so much fun creating a world of my own where I could play in every day. 

From there I was hooked.

As an adult, my love for sci-fi increased, and so did my desire to dive into other people’s worlds. I can’t tell you how many sci-fi books I’ve read. I couldn’t stop. That was really where my passion for writing came from. The stories in my head started to demand that they be told. I wanted to do what my favorite authors did. Create a world that other people could escape into.

I started writing poetry, flash fiction, and that blossomed into a short story collection that I self-published. All that led to my latest book, ‘Last Life: Level 1’. I am so proud of this book and can’t wait for others to read it.

Last Life: Level 1 is about 10 elite gamers who all receive the same cryptic invite to join a secret tournament with a million-dollar prize. They soon discover there is more at stake than just bragging rights.

Being kept in an unknown location and forced to take part in a series of games, these gamers must rely on their wits and the skills honed from hours of gameplay to not be eliminated from the competition and maybe life itself.

With the programmers raising the stakes at every turn, will the characters outwit those who are observing their every move, or will it be game over with no hope for a respawn?

This book started as a question of what would happen if a group of gamers were kidnapped and forced to play in a life or death tournament. My main characters were already in my head long before I started the book, especially Diana. From there I just went where the little voice in my head led me. I guess the main target audience is Young Adult. But honestly, I think this book will connect with anyone, gamer or not. 

This book is the first in a series of books, so this adventure is just the beginning of a larger world. I’m so excited for readers to see where this story goes. Buckle up, because it’s going to be an awesome ride.

Again, I want to thank Authors’ Lounge. This has been a blast and I look forward to doing it again in the near future.

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About the Author

Zack Lester was born and raised in small rural town in Northeastern Kentucky where he grew up on a healthy dose of The Twilight Zone, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and comic books. He lives with his wife, Lacey and daughter, Addisyn where they pretend to be ghosts, zombies, and other creatures that go bump in the night. Zack plans to write until his superpowers are fully developed and begins the life of a crime fighter or evil genius (whichever comes first).

For writing updates and a daily dose of absurdity you can follow him on:

Twitter: @zack_author



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