Ku’u Aloha Frames From the Big Island by Kimber Leigh

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Make every person, place or condition better than you left it always.”

E hele Me ka pu’olo

~Hawaiian saying


My name is Kimber Leigh bestselling author, award winning actress, producer and director in the independent-film industry and currently residing on the Big Island of Hawaii with my husband Richard Brown. 

We are thrilled to share my newest (bestselling) coffee table book, Ku’u Aloha Frames From the Big Island, (sold on Amazon) in E book Format. This 12 by 12 book is also offered on Blurb.com printed with a hardcover and a beautiful dust jacket as well offered in magazine style. Both formats sold on Blurb.com come in glossy and bordered pages on its inside.

We feel blessed and honored to introduce Ku u’ Aloha Frames From the Big Island here on Authors’ Lounge website!

Through prose and photography, my camera communicates glimpses of what daily life and island appeal look like on the Big Island of Hawaii. This book represents what having respect for the land (‘aina) along with mirroring what is love (Aloha) to others.

The quotes chosen for this book are meaningful and selective while showcasing how to offer appreciation for the Hawaiian culture.

Many will delight in the concept of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian tradition of setting things right through prayer, discussion, acceptance, gratitude and love.

 Ku u’ Aloha is an unforgettable personal journey of living a life of Aloha and sharing that journey and life with you.  

The inspiration for this book originated during the Covid days of isolation, reflection and personal renewal. Yearning to spend my time creating something unique that would bring about great change to our world, along with encouraging others to dream and use their own imagination to visualize or experience Island life for themselves. It was in those moments that Ku’u Aloha was birthed.

 After publishing my first book (bestselling on Amazon) Greta GarBITCH (true story of loss light and love September 2019) I needed more to do to keep busy since the entire world came to a literal stop. What would I do to stay busy? 

This coffee table book has always been in the back of my mind. This seemed the perfect opportunity to bring this creation to the forefront and share the Hawaiian culture with others. There will never be a better time to share with the world the true concept of Aloha and how to incorporate Aloha into everyday life on the mainland and beyond.

There is mass respect on the islands for everything that you see and touch. If high respect, honor, and elegance can happen here, it can happen anywhere in the world.

My efforts inside the pages of this volume, were to highlight love, light, respect, and beauty to anyone who took the time to slow down for a few moments and breathe in and breathe out the beauty of the 144 glossy bordered pages of this tome.

 My intention for this work of art is that the reader will feel the Aloha upon the moment they open the hardcover. If they can feel this Aloha it may inspire them to share Aloha with everyone who comes into their sacred space on earth. This feeling and intention would then become contagious.

I want to dig deeper in the meaning Aloha and its power for a moment.

The meaning of Aloha is quite simple. It is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and the land around you with mercy, sympathy, grace and kindness.

You can see why the great need for a book like this in these moments. My vision and greatest intentions for this book is that it will spread LOVE and that LOVE will replace all- fear, all sickness and all darkness. My mentor (Somers White) always reminds me, “What doesn’t grows dies” My hope is hatred, darkness, sickness as well as fear dies and transmutes that energy into nothingness and the energy of LOVE is its forever replacement!

 This choice (Aloha) belongs to all of us! 

It is our Kuleana, (responsibility) to choose ALOHA always. We each contribute daily to what our world looks like with our thoughts, belief systems and our actions. We contribute to the creation of this earth plane with our mass thinking.

 Thoughts are things! 

The audience I wish to capture for this book Ku u’ Aloha Frames from the Big Island, is anyone who has never been to Hawaii, but has always dreamt of this experience to come true for them. 

This book is also the perfect gift for any realtor when selling a home to a new client as a “Welcome to your new home gift.” This coffee table book is perfect for any couple that is getting married and going to the Big Island to renew their vows, or to say “I DO” for the first time or to simply honeymoon here. This book is the perfect romantic gift for those purposes and beyond!

My future plans and goals for this book is to continue to do book signings and speaking engagements (same as before Covid) on my program called:

 The Wow Factor. 

If you would like to know more about The Wow Factor, or the other books that I have published, please refer to my website


Our book Ku u’ Aloha is available on Amazon in EBook format 


If you would like the hardcover copy or the magazine style please refer to



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