Knowledge, Nuts, Bolts, & Politics by Gregory Booth

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To know how to install a nut on a bolt takes a bit of knowledge. The knowledge on how to install a nut on a bolt requires being familiar with the principles of how each part works. A bolt is a long rod which has spiral grooves cut into it, these are called threads; which are spiral cuts into the rod going from the end of the rod down on the rod in a clockwise manner; these spiral cuts are called right hand threads and those that go down the rod and turn counter clockwise are called left hand threads. When there is only one set of threads this is called a single lead threaded bolt.

The more leads we put on a metal or other type of rod increases the speed of the travel which the nut moves on the length of the bolt. You can cut multiple leads on a rod which can make the nut travel very significantly indeed. The threads on a bolt are external and the threads in a nut are called internal threads.

Nuts that are used on the bolts must match the same thread pattern as the bolt and vice-versa. The bolts must match the nuts.

On multiple lead bolts and nuts; they must operate and be in agreement with the first lead cut into the bolt or nut.

Our nation (the United States of America) was found on the agreement which our founding fathers agreed upon to secure by their acts of knowledge and experiences; to be able to construct working documents which would enable all people to find security in the freedoms provided under its authority and to maintain a secure course for its entire people.

Like a multiple lead bolt; the documents where nutted by their signatures. These documents have afforded security for the people under its authority for two and a half centuries, and will until the end of time; unless ignorant and misaligned (leads) leaders; which by ignorance or willful action cross thread the security of our nation.

Now let me say this for reflection. We as a people can get so self-absorbed as to our pleasures and desires that we most often become lazy and ignorant of what holds our freedom; it is the foundation of our laws and our commitment to maintain their authority. The knowledge of how these things work is essential in every aspect of life. Life expresses a great number of leads just like nuts and bolts; the size of the bolts and nuts need to be of appropriate size and thread pattern or it will not work at all.

We see these principles in our society with people; there are so many opinions and actions being taken that often there is cross threading of ideas and wills.

Cross threading is where the same size of bolt and nut are not compatible because the thread patterns do not match. They have different threads cut into their purpose, a match do they not make.

The purpose of a nut and bolt is to secure components so that they are not able to be pulled apart.

Cross threaded nuts and bolts begin to weaken the security of their purpose, as this happens the components which have been secured by these nuts and bolts are vulnerable to damage.

In the use of nuts and bolts here in America; there are in use standard threads both national course and national fine threads, also in the mix; are the metric nuts and bolts; this is due to trading with other nations. In the types of nut and bolt systems some sizes are close to each other in sizes but not a match. When you try and screw a mixture of these together it doesn’t work.

In the same way if you try and mix a republic and a socialist government together some of things may appear close in scope but when you try to mix them together you find a lot of jammed nuts and striped threads because they are not compatible.

So what do we do? We either need to eliminate one or the other; or one will destroy the other.

In the meantime there’s a lot of grunting and searching going on trying to make the impossible work.

Today it seems as if the education of our younger members and children in society have been neglected in their education. They for the most part know little about our history and more about idealistic fantasy. When young minds have had a general lack of what it means to be free in a nation that has protected them from harm and has provided freedom, it can make one think that what is important is just self-importance.  Good self-esteem is important; but not understanding that to neglect such an important issue as freedom is like committing suicide. Today we see members of our nation tempting others of our nation to commit suicide on a national level.

History clearly shows socialism and every other form of dictatorship brings entrapment and servitude to the very ones who choose to go down that path. Like all forms of government someone has to direct the actions of that government. In socialism that falls to one or more limited members who dictate the policies for all; where is the freedom of the people in this?

If you need proof of this look to what Lucifer did, and what Cain did, tried to put a left hand nut on a right handed bolt. Meaning rightness and sin are not compatible. To go on with this outline won’t change the unchangeable.  Oh! Yes; how many know who Lucifer and Cain were?

Our Forefathers a hundred and fifty years earlier than the Founding Fathers; lived in total persecution in their homeland of England. They managed to flee England and make it to America.

Our forefathers laid a foundation of right principles which brought about our nation’s laws and governance. No one in any other country has had the freedom which was established by the principles of our founding fathers. What they did was to make a government of the people by the people. That government can be changed by our neglect and the deception propagated in our social community; this can be done by ourselves or others if we are willing to abandon what has worked well for over two and one half centuries. Today there are people which talk out of both sides of their mouth and can make honey seem sour while bringing you into the web of deceit.

Well I’ve said enough for now just ask yourself; could the old timers have gotten it right; two and one half centuries is a lot of proof; are you perfect yet, how much do you really know?  Are you still sucking on the breast of others or are you ready to stand on your own knowledge? Try a little investigation. After all you need to know what is giving you the ability to get what you want or desire. Or you can be ignorant and let someone else take it away from you. Perhaps the laws we have protect our ability to get what we want.


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