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Thank you to Elizabeth Schultz, at the Author’s Lounge, for giving me this wonderful opportunity, to share with you, something that is very close to my heart. Heartbreaks at 3 a.m. is a poetry collection, about love, that happens in two parts, It begins with “Before 3 a.m.” which describes the very first meeting of a young couple, Then traverses on through the fiery, passionate exchanges, and the deep sense of happiness between the two. Everyone remembers their first teenage love, but what about the first time they fell in love as an adult? “Heartbreaks” gives the reader an insider look at the emotions behind the emotions. The words behind the feelings we often don’t express. It shows the deeper side of love, the love that we have and the one that we have crafted into our minds.

The second part of the book is “After 3 a.m.” It speaks about the eventual, guttural end of this very relationship. Not everyone has a love that can last generations. But every broken heart is not lost. The intensity of “before” the love, gives way to the intensity of the “after”. After they have settled in together. After the newness wears off. After the “honeymoon” is over. “Heartbreaks” speaks about the intense sadness of the missed phone calls and the sting of infidelity. The feelings of rejection and the tears on lonely nights. What does it feel like to have that hurt build up in your heart? What are the words that we want to say, but have not the courage? How do you feel when you are missing them after they are gone? What happens when it is just you again? Do you move on? These are the very questions that we ask ourselves when it’s over. Once we answer those questions, then we begin to heal. We remember that. all hope is not lost, and we will become whole, once again.

The inspiration hit me, one day when I was sitting on the couch. I began to reminisce, like we all tend to do, about the very first love of my adult life. It was so passionate, so life-changing, and so intense. I remembered that first flirty look, the late-night dinners, and the lazy Saturday mornings. But I also remembered the last tears that were shed, the ache in my heart, that I never thought would heal. I began to think about how different we all live our lives, but for all of our differences, the one thing we have in common is love. Love in all its glory. Heartbreaks in all their pain. I also think that sometimes, what we say to our partners, is not necessarily what we are thinking. It could be fear of rejection, it could be fear of running them away, or it could be just fear. Heartbreaks at 3 a.m. gives voice to those hidden thoughts.

Poetry can be heartbreaking, it can be intense, but my hope is that readers here at Authors’ Lounge and others, can transport themselves back into the mind space of that long-lost love. Remember how it made them feel. Powerful, sexy, and cherished. But I also want them to remember that it is alright to cry, to be alone, to learn from the pain and grow. There is a poem at the very end of the book, that tells the reader, that in the end, when it is all said and done, they will be alright. To quote the wonderful Cher, there is “life after love”.

I plan on writing another collection soon, it will talk about anxiety and mental health issues that I have dealt with on a daily basis, I think we can all relate, on some level, to the pain and anguish, that the burden of depression can hold over us. It will be a deeper dive into, the things that hold us back. But right before that, I have begun drafting my first Supernatural Romance series, At the End of the World: A Vampire/Nephilim Saga. As a matter of fact, at the very end of Heartbreaks at 3 a.m., there is a teaser for the new novel! I’m excited for you to read it!

About the Author

Kim V. Poetry is a Navy Veteran, who was born in Virginia but raised in Texas, by loving Grandparents. Her father and both of her Grandfathers were military, and at the age of 21, she took the same path and has never looked back. After the military, she began to take her passion for writing more seriously and subsequently published two other collections, Whispers After Midnight, which tells of burgeoning first love, and Summer Nights with You, which tells of a long-ago but not forgotten Summer fling. All culminating into this collection, Heartbreaks at 3 a.m. which details the first blossoms of love as an adult. It has always been a dream of mine to write and now that I have the time and the capability to do so, I’m on a pathway forward! Follow me along on my journey by checking out my website Kim V.Poetry or you following me on Instagram and Twitter, as well.


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