Kill Writer’s Block for Good with Inspiration Overdose

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Inspiration Overdose is a creativity tool full of story ideas that can be remixed into over four septillion combinations. That’s more story ideas than there are stars in the universe, enough to keep you writing until the sun explodes. This book kills writer’s block for good!

One of the most popular sections on my website, has always been the story ideas collection. I get frequent questions from writers and writing students looking for inspiration. Inspiration Overdose was created for writers like them, for anyone struggling with writer’s block or wondering what to write next.

This book is accessible to new writers while also being a valuable tool for experienced authors. Wherever you are on your writing journey, Inspiration Overdose can help you come up with a fantastic idea for your next story, novel, or script.

What is the Inspiration Behind Inspiration Overdose?

Readers can use Inspiration Overdose whenever they need a story. Use it to create campaign ideas and plot hooks for role-playing games. Use it to improvise a bedtime story for your kids. Use it for telling tales around a campfire or on a road trip – just don’t read it while driving!

Inspiration Overdose contains over two thousand story ideas. The ideas are focused on science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and cover topics like space travel, monsters, futuristic technology, superhuman abilities, the spirit world, and much more. The story ideas can be used as-is, or they can be combined with lists of characters, settings, conflicts, and creativity games and remixing tools to create something entirely new. Inspiration Overdose contains fun creativity games like Story Chain, the Grid Game, Scenic Route, Worry Stone, and Rhyming Echoes. Every page works to provide readers with something substantial. You can even generate story ideas with the index!

What Does Inspiration Overdose Teach Readers?

Inspiration Overdose also teaches you how to expand a basic idea into a full story. There are also tips on writing action, dialog, and visual details.

Even if you manage to exhaust all two thousand story ideas, Inspiration Overdose keeps on working. Learn how to use other creative works to spark your imagination and create something uniquely yours.

Authors’ Lounge readers can pick up a copy of Inspiration Overdose at Amazon.

In the future, I would like to see Inspiration Overdose become a mobile app. The app would feature creativity games and a suite of options to help writers generate endless story ideas.

In addition to Inspiration Overdose, I have written the humorous murder mystery They Ate the Waitress?; numerous science fiction, horror, and fantasy short stories; and thousands of jokes. You can read free stories on my website. For humor and writing updates, follow me on Twitter at

When Did You Start Writing?

I started writing nearly thirty years ago when I was thirteen and needed jokes and patter for my magic act. Along with card tricks and mind reading, I escaped from chains and handcuffs and did sideshow stunts like fire breathing, walking on broken glass, and hammering nails up my nose. I performed off and on for about twenty years, working at colleges, churches, and private parties. As much as I loved performing, what I enjoyed even more was writing material. Writing for my magic act led me to writing fiction and the magic of creating characters and sending them on fantastic adventures.

In addition to working as an author and a magician, I have been a grant writer, a journalist, a communications director, a space pirate, and executive director of a nonprofit. Throughout all my careers, the one constant has been writing. I hope that my book spreads my love of writing to everyone it touches.


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