DeLorenzo’s Straight From My Heart: Journey Of Hope, Love, And Peace

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Finding oneself may sound like an inherently self-centered goal, but it is an unselfish process at the deepest of everything people do in life.

The most significant adventure of one’s life is discovering who you are. Yet, so many people walk around either not knowing or listening to an awful inner critic that gives them all the wrong ideas about themselves. People mistakenly think of self-understanding as self-indulgence, and they carry on without asking the most important question they’ll ever ask: Who am I? What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

To be the most valuable person to the world, the best partner, parent, etc., one must first know who he is, what he values, and, in effect, what he has to offer. This personal journey is one every individual will benefit from taking.

DeLorenzo’s Straight From My Heart: Journey of Hope, Love, and Peace

Straight from My Heart by Jacqui DeLorenzo presents a collection of poetry and true stories written by a woman who has helped others to discover their true selves. It shares her journey as others touch her life.

  Author Jacqui DeLorenzo tells several inspiring tales of courage and hope intended to echo anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one or hardships. She contemplates whether there is life after death. Jacqui also ventures on journeys to the other side of the rainbow to a place where there is no illness and no pain. She goes to a place where one can find love in their hearts, peace in their souls, and happiness in their lives again. That even when it seems all has been gone along the way.

  Each story encourages everyone to believe in what is possible and seeks to touch souls and open hearts. Through the personal journeys of DeLorenzo, her hospice patients, their caregivers, her friends, and her family, Straight from My Heart provides the opportunity to know and understand that life continues after this life on earth. People need to open their hearts to the positive energy and the spirit of loved ones who are on the other side waiting to greet them with open arms when it is their turn to journey to the other side.

About Jaqui DeLorenzo

Jacqui DeLorenzo, MS, LMHC, recently left her full-time position as an academic counselor at North Shore Community College. Jacqui continues to work part-time at North Shore Community College, assisting students in achieving their goals. Her mission remains the same: to guide each student to healthy self-esteem and success in their journey through life.

   She obtained her associate’s degree from North Shore Community College and was an honors graduate. She completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and graduated summa cum laude. She continued her college career, received her master’s degree from Salem State University in psychological services/counseling, and graduated summa cum laude. In addition, she is a licensed mental health counselor through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

   Jacqui wanted to pursue her life’s journey in volunteer work. She currently volunteers for Hospice and a homeless shelter. She finds this work most rewarding. This is because Jacqui looks at it as a way to give back to others for all the great gifts of life that have been given to her. Jacqui loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She loves to write, and this is currently her second book.

  On the other hand, when life gets tough, she leans on her inspirations from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Cheryl Richardson, St. Teresa Prayer, Angels & Saints, and St. Jude prayer. 


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