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The Atemporal Particle Theory – New Supporting Evidence

Things are not as they seem.  Perhaps nothing is.  We are so focused on the physical world; we know nothing else.  But there is something else.  You are something more.  You are a tripartite (three part) being, and you will not die.  Others may one day look upon your physical body as having died, but you will go on living like you have never lived before.

In the book, The Atemporal Particle Theory – New Supporting Evidence, you will read what one scientist has discovered through 30-years of research.

At the moment of your conception, you existed as a single cell called a zygote, incorporating the combination of DNA from your mother and your father.  But there were two parts to your zygote, a corporeal (physical) part which can be seen under a microscope and a coincident incorporeal part which cannot.  And, at the functional center of your two-part zygote was a massless Particle existing, with your incorporeal zygote, in a state in which there is no time.

It is your Particle which directs all of your cell functions, beginning with your coexistent zygote, your very first cell.  It is your Particle which stores your memory, not your brain, and it is your Particle which makes your consciousness possible.  Without your Particle, you would not exist.  You were a human being from your very first cell.  No where in the development process did you become more human.

As you grow from infancy to adulthood, all of your cells are tripartite which means, you are tripartite.  You have a corporeal body, a coincident incorporeal body, and a Particle.  If you are a Christian you might refer to your corporeal body as your physical body, your incorporeal body as your spirit and your Particle as your soul.  Other religions would have similar names for those three parts. 

Your corporeal body is imperfect due to errors in your DNA, imperfections and errors which may have developed ancestrally or due to chemical intake or radiation.  Your incorporeal body is perfect and does not age beyond maturity.  Although you have a corporeal body and an incorporeal body, you are one person, not two.

Throughout your life, your incorporeal body normally remains coincident with your corporeal body.  However, your incorporeal body can separate from your corporeal body quite readily. Out of body experiences are common, but difficult to verify.  Near-death out of body experiences are often verifiable because the individual can later describe seeing and hearing things that could not have been experienced by the corporeal  body.

You are presently conscious in your corporeal body.  If you leave you corporeal body, you will be conscious in your incorporeal body.

Your nearly instant recall of an event that occurred many years ago is possible due to your Particle being in the atemporal state (no time limitation).   Your brain queries your Particle, and the memory is recalled immediately, with the speed limited only by the slow neurons of your corporeal brain.   Your incorporeal brain receives information instantly from your Particle.

If one of your corporeal body’s limbs is amputated, your incorporeal body’s limb will still be there, which explains the phantom-limb or pain phenomena which you might experience.   The position of your incorporeal body’s limb will follow that of the stump and/or artificial limb.

If part of your corporeal brain is damaged, undeveloped, or removed, your incorporeal brain may function in its place, producing results that are far above normal.  This is how autistic savants are able to do such amazing things.

An intuition is a thought experienced by your incorporeal brain, operating with no time limitation, which has been transferred to the memory in your shared Particle. You cannot access it directly, because your corporeal brain did not store the thought in your Particle and therefore it cannot be recalled. On the other hand, you are at least able to sense the memory stored by your incorporeal brain. In short, an intuition is a memory in your Particle of something your corporeal brain did not experience but your incorporeal brain did. Some individuals are more “in-tune” to their Intuition than others. 

It is altogether possible that the corporeal body and the incorporeal body are, on very rare occasion, different genders, due to errors in the corporeal body’s DNA, which may have developed ancestrally or due to radiation.  The corporeal body’s brain senses the existence of the opposite gender incorporeal body’s brain through Intuition as defined above.   The corporeal body is not of the wrong gender, just of a different gender than the incorporeal body.

When your corporeal body dies, your incorporeal body goes on living in a state where there is no time, so you will not die.  The Particle also remains with the corporeal body (or body parts) until corruption takes place.   Until that point in the death process, the incorporeal body may return, once again coincident with the corporeal body and you will be resuscitated.

Today’s scientific and medical community will not be able to fully understand vision, consciousness, autism, savant abilities, nor cellular control, including DNA replication, mitosis, meiosis, and certainly not cancer, until scientists look beyond the corporeal aspect of life.  I hope they take the book seriously.


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